Overview of Unarmed Self-Defense Training

All self-defense training offered by Defendo Self-Defense is structured around the conviction that you need to know and be able to employ techniques that work, use available tools to tip the odds in your favor, and act in a tactically sound manner. 

In order for you to employ self-defense techniques you need three things: 

(1) Conviction that your actions are morally and legally justifiable. 
(2) Belief in the efficacy of those techniques. 
(3) Proficiency in the use of those techniques. 

We will help you understand the moral and legal justifications for self-defense. We will help you to know when you may and should act in your defense. 

We will teach you techniques that work. Our system of self-defense techniques is rooted in the "combatives" that were taught to U.S. soldiers, Marines, and Coast Guardsman as well as Allied commandos during the Second World War. These techniques were taught because they worked and we will teach them to you for the same reason. 

The techniques we teach are designed to be easily learned, mastered, and retained. They involve gross body movements which means they are employable when you are undergoing the stress response that frequently accompanies self-defense emergencies.
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