Our Approach to Personal Protection

"Violent crime is feasible only if its victims are cowards. A victim who fights back makes the whole business impractical." -Jeff Cooper

A comprehensive approach to personal protection must embrace two broad areas of concern. On the one hand, one must address personal security and on the other one must consider violent response to an a determined attack. 

Security is concerned with deterring attack. This is accomplished by making oneself undesirable as a target. Security is all about preventing an attack. We teach tactics that you can employ to make yourself a "harder" target.

Self-defense is concerned with defeating a determined committed attack. This is accomplished by employing tactics, techniques, and appropriate tools. Tactics address such matters as to position yourself, how and where to move, and what to say in a self-defense emergency. Techniques include using natural and other weapons to stop a violent attacker. Self-defense tools, like any other tool, are designed to give the user a mechanical or other advantage. They are force multipliers. They improve the chances that your techniques will be effective in stopping your adversary. Tools might include a pocket flashlight, a walking stick, expedient weapons, pepper spray, and the pistol or revolver.