Welcome to Defendo!

We specialize in personal security and self-defense training for individuals and groups. Currently we offer tailored self-defense training and crime prevention seminars that focus on protecting individuals and families from crime. We teach personal security because we believe that prevention is always preferably to response. We know that when a self-defense response is called for, everything depends upon your success. Therefore, all of our self-defense training always include emphasis on tactics, techniques, and tools of self-defense. We offer unarmed self-defense, pepper-spray, and pistol training. 

Defendo will organize training that meets your needs or you can sponsor a training event for your church or work group, neighborhood or community crime prevention group, or for yourself or family. 

Defendo also specializes in providing age-appropriate anti-abduction and self-defense for kids. We can teach a class for your youth group, Scout troop, or homeschool group.