Headquarters Functions





Pacific Command

Operations Command

Training Command


Headquarters Functions

Each of the three Commands already provide much of the logistic resources they need to keep themselves operating. However there are some aspects of their operation which are common and which would be best managed jointly under a single headquarters function.

This proposal effectively merges NZDF, The Ministry of Civil Defence and Disaster Management and the Ministry of Defence into a single agency.

Total Staff: 1000.

These functions include:

Operations Group

Operations Support Department

This department is responsible for employing Pacific, Operations and Training Command. It uses inputs from the Prime Minister, the National Hazard Assessment Bureau, Training Command and the External Relations Group to define missions and operations for Pacific and Operations Command. It includes the 24/7 national operations centre.

International Liaison Unit

This unit manages behind-the-scenes liaisons with foreign forces. It is integrated with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Staff: 36

Research and Intelligence Department

The Research and Intelligence Department takes feeds from the National Hazards Assessment Bureua, SIS, Military Intelligence and other all-hazards research agencies and collates information into scenario packs for the Operations Support Department.

Communications Engineering Department

This nation-wide department is responsible for defence communications systems from telephone to secure defence network management. The object of the system is to provide a seamless end-to-end connection from field operations to headquarters for varying levels of data transmission with integrated security at every step of the way. It also includes network operations staff including the Network Protection New Zealand unit.
Staff: 120

Capability Planning and Development Unit

This department manages the process of assessing system requirements and managing acquisition processes. Naturally it works closely with the operational and training commands of the force.
Staff: 24

Operations Audit and Development Unit

This is a seperate unit reporting directly to the Chief of Staff. Its task is to identify shortcomings in systems, equipment, training or planning and make recommendations on how these shortcomings could be avoided in future.
Staff: 24


Public Relations Group

Domestic Communications Unit

This unit manages internal publications and external media relationships. Includes roles for artists and photographers.

Heritage and Honours Unit

This unit manages the honours system. Manages the archives, service museums and assists historians with research.
Staff: 36

Ceremonial Performance Unit

This unit consists of a brass band (plus pipers) of 48 together with a Maori Ceremonial Party and a Colour Guard unit of 48 which specialises in precision marching and parade ground drill.
Staff: 96

TOTAL STAFF: up to 200

Administration Group

Accounts and Records Department

This department is responsible for systems for the management of all records and operational systems. This includes the accounting, HR and payroll and facilities management contracts for the whole force.
Staff 96.

Budget Planning Unit

This unit is concerned with the treasury aspects of the force. Its objective is to ensure that the reporting provisions of the Public Finance Act are met and that forward planning for the budget cycle are properly managed.

Lands Unit.

This department has overall responsibility over force owned land and exercise areas. Management of facilities is handled by the branch which operates on it.

 Systems Development Department

This department develops software and systems for the administration of the whole force. This includes records management and administration systems that operate across Pacific, Operations, Training Command and the Emergency Brigade.Some elements of the actual development work may be outsourced to commercial contractors.
Staff: 96 

Force Regulations and Law Unit

This drafts and manages military regulations, law, hires investigators and operates military courts.
Staff: 24

Headquarters Facilities Management Unit

This unit organises the office-space, working services, facilities and security of the headquarters unit itself.
Staff: 24


Impromptu Groups and Boards

Major Operations Planning Board

Operations are identified by the Prime Minister and Cabinet but planned by a group of senior officers who gather together to examine operational plans. They are supported by the Operations Group. The board selects a field commander whose task is to project manage the operation. Each operation has a board whose task is to monitor the performance of the field commander.

Honours Board

The honours board determines who will be awarded honours on the basis of recommendations from officers.

Courts Martial

Court martials are assembled for serious infringements of military law or infringements of civilian law by military personnel.