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Order of Battle

The Comparison order of battle is as follows


2 x Frigates
1 x Navy Oiler
1 x Expeditionary Force ship
1 x Hydrographic Survey ship
1 x Dive support ship
2 x Offshore Patrol Vessels
4 x Inshore Patrol Vessels
6 x P3K Orions
4 x Kaman Seasprite ASW Helicopters

2 x B757 Combi
5 x C-130H Hercules
8 x NH90 Helicopters
5 x A109M training helicopters
various BeechKing & Hamilton Trainers

105 x LAV IIIs
398 x Pinzgauer (incl 60 armoured)
450 x Unimog U1700 trucks
34 x 105mm Hamel guns
51 x 81mm mortars
Mistral VLAADS
Javelin ATGM


Ship classes: 7
Fixed Wing Aircraft Types: 5
Rotary Wing Aircraft Types: 3
Wheeled Vehicle Types: 3
Tracked Vehicle Types: 0


Australia: Frigates, Exp Force ship, OPVs, IPVs, NH90s, Hamel guns, Austeyr, Minimi,
US: P3-Ks, Hydrographic Survey ship, C-130s,Pinzgauer, Kaman Seasprite, Javelin
Canada: LAV-III,
EU: Frigates,Exp Force ship,NH90s, LAV-III, A109M, Mistral

resources in italics show an IP component but were built in the nation in roman type.


2 x Ice Offshore Patrol Vessels
2 x Hospital/Transport ships
2 x Landing Ships
2 x Survey/Dive ships
2 x Environment Protection Vessels
4 x Shaldig Coastal Patrol Vessels
75 x NAID Coastguard boats

3 x Falcon Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft
6 x DHC-6 Short Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft
5 x EH-101 Long Range Maritime Helicopters
4 x A109M Medevac ships helicopters
3 x IL76MF Heavy Strategic Transport aircraft
2 x ACJ319 Operations aircraft
4 x C-295 Light Strategic Transport Aircraft
2 x Mi 26 Heavy Lift Helicopters
4 x EH101 Long Range/Training Helicopters
6 x DHC-6 Bush/training aircraft
2 x Embraer Phenom 100 very light training jets
6 x A109M Tactical helicopters
8 x A109M Medevac/Training helicopters

18 x AMV 40mm CTI cannon vehicles
4 x AMV 120mm AMOS mortar vehicles
48 x AMV 40mm Mini-Samson RCWS with 40mm auto-GL
48 x BvS 210 tracked amphibious carriers
48 x RG-31 protected patrol vehicles
48 x MAN SX heavy logistic trucks
16 x MAN SX Fire/riot trucks
4 x MAN SX Bridge launchers
192 x MAN HX Medium logistic trucks
1 x SPYDER medium altitude AA system
450 x Operations Vehicles (Toyota Landcruiser/Hilux)
4 x 155mm guns
4 x 120mm mortars


Ship classes: 5 (-1)
Fixed Wing aircraft types: 6 ( +1)
Rotary wing aircraft types: 3 ( =)
Wheeled Vehicle Types: 6 (+3)
Tracked Vehicle Types: 1 (+1)


US: LSV-7 Landing ship,Hospital-Transport ship, GBU-39 SDB
Norway/Sweden: OPV, Survey Ship, BvS 210
EU: A109M, EH101, AMV, Falcon, ACJ319, MAN, BvS210, RG-31, FN-SCAR, FN-minimi
Russia/Uzbekistan: IL76MF, Mi26
South Africa: RG-31, 155mm gun, poss Mi26 outfit
Singapore: 40mm AGL, poss BvS-210, SAR-21
Canada:  Viking DHC-6
Brazil:  Embraer Phenom, poss Falcon/ACJ319 fit outs
Israel: Spike, Samson, Spyder, MAN riot, Shaldig patrol craft
Norway/Romania: Survey Ship
Chile or Romania: Hospital-Transport ship, Environment vessel
New Zealand:  LSV-7 Landing ship, Hospital ship fit out

Maintenance of Hypothetical Force

This demonstrates how major maintenance (as opposed to minor field maintenance) of the hypothetical force 's vehicles, ships and aircraft might be managed.

In-house major maintanence


Devonport: OPVs, Hospital-Transport Ships, EPVs


Ohakea: IL76MFs, C-295s, Mi26, Falcon systems, EH101


Linton: AMVs, BvS 210, RG-31, MAN HX & SX

Out-sourced maintenance


Transfield Whangerei: LSV-7 Landing ships


Air NZ ChCh: ACJ319, Falcon
Safe Air: A109M


Toyota: Landcruisers