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Sums underpinning this study

New Zealand Government Websites

2001 Defence Statement

Ministry of Defence Acquisitions Page

New Zealand Navy Website

New Zealand Army Website

New Zealand Airforce Website

Treasury - Defence Review(06) PDF

Treasury - Budget Estimates

Statistics BoP Timing Report (PDF)

Arms Market Websites

Federation of American Scientists

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

John Pike's Global Security

Russian magazine Milparade 

Free Military Publications Websites


Janes Defence Review (well, free in places)

Army Technology

Navy Technology

Airforce Technology

Defence Industry Daily 

Defense Daily 

Defense Update

Canadian American Strategic Review 


Military Enthusiasts Websites


Defence Talk

Specialist Information

Research Ship Hull Findings (PDF)

Danish Army Vehicles 


 Heliharvest Ltd (NZ firm operating Russian Mi-8 helicopters)