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What is Original Writing and how do you use it to find your academic voice?

Here you will find links to resources, tutorials and guides to help you use the ideas and writing of others to inspire your own writing and ideas. Through proper APA formatting and techniques for paraphrasing, this site will guide you in how to write using your own academic voice.

Getting Started

To understand why it's important to cite and how to use others ideas in your own writing, first review this brief tutorial:
  • Hartnell College: Me? Plagiarize? (3:38 min)
    Briefly describes why we cite and how to research and properly use others ideas in your writing.

The first step to avoiding plagiarism in your writing is to identify the type of plagiarism errors you are making. By finding your most common plagiarism mistakes, you can begin to develop the skills that allow you to respectfully use the ideas and good work of others in your own writing using APA citation.

Next Steps

After watching the 10 Types of Plagiarism, you may have a better idea of areas of weakness in your own writing. Next click on the menu item to the left that you would like to learn about. Each section will give you specific guidance on giving voice to your own ideas while showing connections to how others have influenced and informed them.