It is August 24, 1964. You are President of the United States Lyndon Baines Johnson. You are deciding on vice-presidential running mate at the White House while the Democratic National Convention is starting in Atlantic City, NJ. You have to choose a running mate who will help you defeat Senator Barry Goldwater. 

You see an old issue of Life magazine on your desk. It details your options for Vice President. As you read and consider your options, you think about all that has happened during this eventful summer. You remember you have to find the form have to complete to offer the vice-presidency to your choice. Your executive secretary insists you complete it with codes about your time as president for validation. 

Where is that form? You left it around here somewhere, maybe in the pages of Life. Find the form, fill in the codes, choose a vice-president, and defeat Barry Goldwater!

Content from:
"All the Way with L.B.J. and - WHO?" Life 8 May 1964: 94B-96. Print.
Brown University Choices Program:
Stanford History Education Group:

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