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Aliagas, Cristina. (2017). “Schooled literacy in teenagers online writing”. Capítulo de libro en Plane S, Bazerman C, Rondelli F, Donahue C, Applebee AN, Boré C, Carlino P, Marquilló Larruy M, Rogers P, Russell D. eds. Research on writing: multiple perspectives. International exchanges on the study of writing. Fort Collins, Colorado: The WAC Clearinghouse and CREM, [2015]. p. 123-43.

Vázquez-Calvo, Boris., Elf, N. y Gewerc, A. (previsto 2019). “The Self in the Wild: Teenagers’ Identity Building and Literacy Practices Online”. En Mark Freiermuth y Nourollah Zarrinabadi (eds.). Language Learning Psychology and Technology in TELLLondon: Bloomsbury.