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Automatic Transmissions are found in most all types of vehicles today, including heavy trucks and equipment as well as all types of lighter cars and trucks.

It's important to keep fluid in your transmission at all times! This is the best method to avoid transmission problems.  Transmission cooler lines are a big source of leaks. Check them and check your fluid regularly!

Some problems can be fixed without even removing your transmission.  If you suspect a problem, call us today!

Manual transmission cars all have clutches that need periodic adjustment and replacement.

We replace the clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing.  We also resurface the flywheel.


Slipping (Engine rev's up but car speed does not increase, or rpm's start going up as you go up a hill) is either a bad clutch disk or the clutch needs adjustment.

Won't go into gear or hard to shift
Either bad linkage (cable or hydraulic failures are common) or bad pressure plate.

Clutch makes noise
A whirring noise which changes as you press and release the clutch pedal can be a throw-out or pilot bearing.

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