Here are some of my favorite sites, most of which I've found while looking for information about some of the antique and vintage things I've found and loved, but knew little or nothing about. 

 I found many of these sites through search engines and forums or just by happy accident. I'm always amazed at how much information there is out there if you only know where to look. Some of these websites look like store fronts at first glance, but you'll soon see that the owners have been kind enough to share their extensive knowledge with the rest of us. I'll be adding sites periodically, so please check back when you can.

Happy viewing!


The Collectics Reference & Collector Education pages are designed for further knowledge of antiques, collectibles, styles, periods, artists, and manufacturers of the decorative arts. 

 Everything you wanted to know about Carnival Glass from David Doty.

I love vintage restaurant ware.  It wears like iron and because it's vitrified (like your toilet), it doesn't scratch easily.  It does take up a LOT of room, which is why I'll be listing some of mine soon.  Dinner in the Diner is a great place to identify that great old stuff.

This is the Restaurant Ware Collectors Network.  Another great place to ID and learn more about diner ware.  Make sure you check out the Great Mall of China shops while you're there, where you'll find the Last Shenango in Paris, Desiderata's China Emporium, The Vitrified Forest, Field of Creams, The Blue Plate Special, and other really fun shops!

 Jan-Erik Nillson is the foremost web expert on Chinese and Japanese ceramics.  His list of marks is about as complete as you're ever going to find.  It's a give and take for pottery people, since many of the site's visitors add to the knowledge base.

Verre D'Art is a gorgeous website dedicated to Bohemian, Czech, Italian, British and American Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass.  There you'll find examples of Loetz, Kralik, Harrach, Steuben, Murano, and any number of pieces I can only drool over.  It's the next best thing to owning one of those pieces.  (Uh huh) 

Porcelain Marks and More is a great site for identifying vintage German marks, but they're also a good source for British Registry marks as well as other pottery and porcelain information, including fakes and repros. 

This Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks and Maker's Marks is remarkably extensive and indispensable.  The main focus is on antique and vintage silver and coin silver.

This site is for Researching Costume Jewelry and includes jewelry history as well as an extensive collection of marks. 

And this is a site full of cleaning tips.  Always useful, always fun to read.  Part of a larger site full of Life Tips. My gift to you.