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Communion Server Schedule

Please note that for “FULL SERVE” dates, each server has a number.
(scroll down to the bottom of the page to download communion instruction sheets)
This number corresponds to a number on the “diagram of full serve” sheet in your packet. 
Please read the diagram and full serve “cheat sheet” carefully. 
Your position in line and “job” for clean-up is clearly identified by your number.
You may find it helpful to bring your packet when you are serving full serve Communion.

Communion Dates and Team Assignments
TL = Team Leader

October 1, 2017  (Worldwide Communion)                FULL SERVE
TL Kim Kwoka                       Ron Friend                                      (4 servers)
     Nancy Peterson                Abbigail Doherty

November 26, 2017 ( Christ the King )                          INTINCTION
TL Sandy Mundier                Karen R. Hartrich                          (4 servers/1 rover)
    Craig Miller                         Annabeth Collis
    Joann Collis

December 24, 2017 ( Christmas Eve 11 pm )               INTINCTION
                                              NO TEAM

January 7, 2018 (Baptism of the Lord)                          INTINCTION
TL Brett Ziegler-Smith           Alice Mohr                                  ( 4 servers/ 1 rover)
     Debbie Henning                  Jeannette Pease
     Paula Bidwell

February 14, 2018 ( Ash Wednesday)                            INTINCTION
TL Jill Walsh                          Bill Walsh                                     ( 4 servers/1 rover)
     Karen E. Hartrich               Herm Kuebler
     Karin Ziegler

February 18, 2018 ( First Sunday Lent)                        INTINCTION
TL Tom Rolle                            Karen R. Hartrich                       ( 4 servers/1 rover)
     Karen Friend                       Myra Lawrence
Deerhurst Church,
Jan 11, 2016, 7:11 AM
Deerhurst Church,
Jan 11, 2016, 7:11 AM
Deerhurst Church,
Mar 11, 2017, 2:54 PM