Deerfield Manor


Bylaws & Covenants


Latest Deerfield Manor Homeowners' Association Bylaws

When residents purchase a lot and build a home in Deerfield Manor or buy an existing home, they are bound by certain restrictions called covenants.  A copy of the covenants may be obtained by clicking here. The covenants include the following....

  • No noxious or offensive trade shall be carried on upon the property nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or become an annoyance to the neighborhood.

  • Outside buildings or structures, fences, gates, and walls, temporary or permanent, may not be erected without written permission from Thomas Builders (who have assumed the position of the original builder in the covenants).

  • Every home in Deerfield Manor has a square footage requirement for each floor depending on the appropriate covenant. Please consult your specific covenant.

  • Habitual parking of commercial vehicles, boats, or trailers near the homes is prohibited.

  • No poplar or willow trees may be planted on any lot.

  • All garbage and rubbish cans must remain inside or be placed underground.

  • Clothes hung outdoors for airing or drying must be taken indoors by 4:30 PM on any day except Sunday, when no clothes or linens of any description may be hung outdoors.

  • No above ground pools may be erected.

  • No livestock, pigeons, chickens or other fowl shall be kept on the premises.

  • All driveways and automobile turn table areas must be paved with an approved paving material.

  • The installation of any type of above ground equipment to send or receive radio or television signals is prohibited in the front yard and side yards of all lots. Side yards shall be calculated from the left side of the dwelling to the left property line and from the right side to the right side property line for the entire depth of the lot. Front yard is the entire area from the front property line to the front of the residence.

In addition, each of the 7 Development Plans in the Deerfield neighborhood has specific covenants for its area. For more information regarding the covenants that may be applicable to your property, please contact Jesse or Jeff Thomas at Thomas Builders or your street representative.