Deerfield Manor


Community Activities

The Deerfield Manor Homeowners Association organizes a variety of neighborhood events and activities each year, described below. See the calendar page for dates and details of upcoming events.

Block Party
The Homeowners Association organizes and hosts an all-day block party each year usually at the beginning of September. The format various from year-to-year, but the party typically includes games, music, food, beverages, and much mingling with neighbors. For information, or to volunteer to help, please call your Street Representative.

The Deerfield Manor Web Site
The Homeowners Association maintains this web site. The web site provides information about the neighborhood, and services to neighborhood organizations. Residents who wish to contribute material to the web site should contact the President.

Garage Sale
Each year, usually at the beginning of June, the Deerfield Manor Homeowners Association organizes a neighborhood garage sale. The fee to participate is usually $5.00. If you are interested, please call your Street Representative.

Trick or Treat is usually celebrated on October 31st from 6 PM until 8 PM. Children are encouraged to carry a flashlight and neighbors are asked to use caution when driving during these hours. Additionally we ask that all neighbors who are participating in this holiday turn on their outside lights so that the streets are better illuminated and also to let the children know that your house is open to them.

Secret Santa
This tradition is a variation of a Dutch custom where children place their shoes outside and Santa fills their shoes with candy.  Each participating child is matched with another child in the neighborhood (by gender and age).  For three nights, each child leaves a small gift or a little treat for the other child in shoes they have left outside their front door. On the last night, all children reveal their "Secret Santa" identity by including a note or a picture with their gift. All children, preschool through high school, are welcome to participate.  It is a fun, holiday tradition for all!

On Christmas Eve residents place luminaria along the edge of the neightbood streets to cover the neighborhood in candle light. The Luminaria tradition has been a part of Deerfield Manor for over thirty years, and residents are encouraged to participate. One set of luminaria (about a dozen candles) is included in the price of the annual neighborhood association dues. To purchase an additional set of luminaria, please contact your Street Representative. Luminaria are sold to USC residents by the Upper St. Clair high school band. Deerfield Manor proudly supports this organization.
Deerfield Care Network
The Deerfield Care Network provides meals, rides and other hlep for families/individuals during a time of illness or a life-changing event, such as the birth of a baby or the death of a family member.  Contact your Street Representative for more information, to volunteer, or to make a request for assistance.