Deerfield Bowling League: 2016-2017 Season

Hello from Mike Schlein assistant bowling Czar and Deerfield Bowling web site master!

Please access the "Bowling This Month" tab on this website and indicate whether or not you are bowling and/or attending the party.

Please be sure to sign up 2 weeks prior to each bowling event.

Also if you find you cannot bowl or attend after you have already signed up on-line please email or call me directly.

We create the teams and send them to South Pike Bowl 2 weeks prior to each bowling date

Last minute changes at the bowling alley pose a problem for them and the other leagues, please do reach out to me personally with any changes to your bowling status, especially on or right before bowling day.

We need to arrive at West Pike Bowl by 4:45 and ready to begin bowling by 5 p.m.  

Feel free to email or call if any issues with this web site or your information.

- Mike
412-833-9847 - home
412-427-3533 cell