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About Deepti
Deepti Agrawal Mittal, an artist and designer from India is a specialist in Madhubani Paintinga folk art from the state of Bihar. She has been into learning, teaching and exhibiting this art since 1992. Having grown up in the family of artists and innovators, Deepti finds it difficult to keep away from exploring new avenues with art and craft. She started it as a hobby and is now taking the art to a professional level. 

My Guardian Angel

Two Generations of Madhubani Painting

9" X 12" Wall Frame Madhubani Painting

Madhubani Painting, which was originally done on the walls in ancient times with bamboo-pens and vegetable dyes found its way on fabric and paper in its second generation

The Third Generation
It's about time we have this Traditional form of art in the most Trendy fashion. 

Deepti introduces third generation to this art by finding a place for it on accessories such as ear-ringsJewelry-boxes, candles, key-hangersfridge-magnets, etc. which is totally a new dimension to this rustic yet elegant art-form.

Hand Made and Madhubani style Painted Ear Ring

Desktop Framed Madhubani Painting

Other Specialties
Apart from Madhubani Painting, there are various other unconventional forms of art which Deepti specializes in: 
  • Indian Folk Fusion Art
  • Modern Art
  • Paper Quilling
  • Polymer Clay Modelling
  • Foam-painting
  • Personalised-greeting-card designing
  • Pot-decoration, etc. 

We invite you to join her in this beautiful ever-lasting journey where we can together explore newer ways of creation with every path leading to a yet another bright and colorful experience!

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