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"We're looking for people who like to draw..."

posted 27 May 2011, 18:47 by Ben Hansom   [ updated 29 May 2011, 10:51 ]
You may (or may not) have noticed that I've been slowly slogging through the site trying to make it look prettier and easier to read.  Its pretty slow going but I'm getting there.  Now that the Universe B section has embraced readable line-spacing I thought it might be good to get some pictures on there.
Its great to read about all of these comics that only exist in some mixed-up parallel world where Grant Morrison wrote a Fathom movie (?!) but it'd be even better to see them... and that's where YOU come in.
If any aspiring artists fancy getting their Cosmic Treadmill on and rustling up some Earth-2 covers, pin-ups or character designs for Grant Morrison comics that never were, now's your chance!   Just pick any entry on the Universe B pages and take a stab at drawing something for it.  As its all 'not for profit, just for fun' there shouldn't be (God willing) any copyright worries, and all I'm after is a scan of the art, (no originals thanks, unless its awesome) and your consent to host it here on the site.  Other than that, no rules, no limits, do whatever you like.  This could be your big break into the world of funny books!* 
Just attach a scan of whatever you've drawn/painted/sculpted/interpretive danced to an email and send it on over to
I'm not expecting a huge slew of responses so anything you do send will probably appear on the site. But spread the word around, let's get a meme going on.. #universeb will do if you're Twitter-minded.  If a lot of stuff starts coming in I might even offer a prize... Something really good...
In totally unrelated news, I finished annotating Batman Incorporated #3.  Its only taken about a hundred years... Just #4 to go now and you'll have the full set.
* Please note; this will probably not be your big break into funny books