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The Unseen Grant Morrison - Juliet 4 Romeo

posted 27 Dec 2011, 07:56 by Ben Hansom   [ updated 7 Jan 2012, 04:13 ]
Just in time for Christmas, a piece of Grant Morrison ephemera unseen since its original publication.  'Juliet 4 Romeo', with art by Jack Staff's Paul Grist, first appeared in Letterbox, a spiral bound book given away as a prize to schoolchildren in a letter writing competition circa 1990.  I wrote to Paul Grist asking about details of this one a few years ago (and my letter was subsequently printed in a real comic! - Jack Staff #16 I think) but he didn't have many, suggesting maybe I try contacting the Royal Mail Archive to see if they could help me track down a copy.  The Royal Mail Archive told me they had no record of anything they'd published called Letterbox, all the more frustrating as there are at least 4 or 5 books, all called Letterbox and all published by Royal Mail, that followed this one. 
Recently, through some razor sharp Google-Fu, I got in touch with John Simmons, the original editor of the Letterbox project and the man who actually comissioned the piece in the first place.  John very kindly sent me a scan of the strip and gave me some helpful pointers for tracking down an actual copy of the book itself.  Thanks to my amazing wife, I got a copy for Christmas this year, drawing the ten year saga of the search for Letterbox to a close...
The strip is copyright Grant Morrison and Paul Grist and is reproduced here by kind permission of Mr Grist.  Any comments or questions, please get in touch and let me know.
Happy Christmas!