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My name is Ben Hansom and I have a family, a dog, a job and live in a house on the mean streets of Northern England.  All of these things hinder me from annotating as many Grant Morrison comics as I would like in a given day.
My first Grant Morrison comic was Spider-Man and Zoids #19, snatched from Forbouys the newsagent's shelves at the tender age of seven.  I have yet to build a rabid fan-site devoted to Tom Defalco's Spider-Man run or Strikeforce Morituri, both also featured in that issue.
Since swapping a run of Steve Englehart's excerable Green Lantern Corps for the then-'hot' Animal Man #1 I have eagerly consumed pretty much every comic the man has written straight of the stands.  Apart from WildC.A.T.'s #1... and even then I capitulated eventually.
I started Deep Space Transmissions primarily as somewhere to share the frightening amount of time and energy I'd expended in gathering together the pages you can now see here as Universe B - The Unpublished Grant Morrison, and then to carry on the sterling work done by the good people of the Barbelith message board (R.I.P.) in gathering together all of Mr. Morrison's interviews in one place.
For a long time said pages resided on a Wordpress blog that literally no-one ever visited, before I got a job with the Civil Service and therefore had gads of free time in which to expand my site and slowly begin to pimp my wares around the net.
My favourite colour is electric blue, my favourite film is Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia and my favourite Monkee is Peter Tork; though Mike Nesmith runs a very close second.  Today, my favourite Grant Morrison comic is probably Batman #673, "Joe Chill in Hell", a literally perfect validation of the 32-page monthly comic book as the single most exciting medium for anything to appear in ever.
I hope you enjoy the site.  Given how long its took me to annotate Batman Incorporated #3 I should be done with the rest of Morrison's works by the time I'm 230 years old.
Get in touch with the CONTACT button on the left there if you can help me find any of this stuff.  £££'s (well, £'s) paid or trade!  I'm not massively fussed on condition, especially on the older or super-rare stuff.
Fanzines with any of Grant's letters, articles, artwork etc.  Especially any issues of Fusion
G.I. Joe: European Missions #3
Speakeasy #112, 116, 117
Batman: Arkham Asylum TPB (Warner Books) (had it, lent it to someone, never got it back.  Bastards...)
Batman: Gothic TPB (Warner Books)
Blackout fanzine (1990)
Zenith Phase One 1-3, Zenith Phase Two 1-2 (reprints by Quality Comics with very early nineties poor-man's Bisley covers)
Tripwire fanzines from 1994/1995 featuring the Morrison/Bisley Tapes.
Kultur Knall (German language fanzine from 1998)
The Glasgow Herald - 19th March 2000, 19th May 2001
The Glaswegian - 10th May 2001
The Glasgow Evening Times - 11th May 2001
Sebastian O - RRP Ashcan edition
Malaparte - A House Like Me (absurdly expensive architecture book with a page by Grant)
1:200 sketch variants of Batman and Robin #1. Return of Bruce Wayne #1, Batman - The Return and Batman Incorporated #1.  I'll give you a fiver for the lot...
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