Old South Pittsburg Hospital (South Pittsburg, TN)

The outside of The Old South Pittsburg Hospital
 Please visit the website www.hauntedhospital.net to learn more about the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in South PIttsburg, Tennessee.  The website offers information about paranormal research at the facility, along with a livestream to watch researchers investigate the facility.  Thanks Doug and Cindy for your hospitality.  You all were awesome!  We will be back.
Front of the Hospital
The Deep South Ghost Adentures Team at The Old South Pittsburg Hospital
The Investigation
The great thing about the hospital was that Doug and Cindy allows you to investigate from 1 PM till 11 AM.  There is no other place that we have found that you can investigate a particular place for 22 hours.  You can imagine the amount of hours we have of audio that we are pouring over right now.  The biggest challenge of the hospital was its size and maze like hallways.  For those of you that have been in a hospital before you know how easy it is to get lost on the many turns with the lights on.  Imagine trying to navigate a hospital with all the lights out and you think it is dark.  Then, the sun goes down and it is like a cave every where you walk.  The best word that we could think of to describe the start of the investigation was apprehensive.
The investigation of the hospital consisted of the basement, which contained the mechanics office and workspace, the kitchen and cafeteria and side rooms.  It also contained the 2nd floor, which consisted of the ER, Biohazard Area, ICU, the Morgue, a Pharmacy, a Dentist Office, and general patients rooms.  The 3rd floor consisted of the 3 operating rooms, a labor and delivery with a nursery, and additional patient rooms.  The hospital was just too big to do in one day.
Our K2 meter did not go off as much as we would have liked.  Our flashlight activity was pretty good and on the way home we had 7 good EVPs on one of the DVRs in 20 minutes.  Thus, as we pour and pour over the audio, hopefully we have some good ones to post.  As I said on the Walking Horse site, it takes time to debunk every possible answer.  We only want to post trully unsovleable EVPs and or photos.

Old South Pittsburg