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Solstice is a 3D Space Fleet Combat Real Time Strategy Game.

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"Solstice is a nice game to have and play on your mobile device or your PC,
because when you only have a few minutes to play something Solstice will
fill the need for space time strategy."

"...Solstice is a very ambitious game, somehow a light version
of great computer games as Homeworld."

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The goal of Solstice is to defend a star system within a given time. Your performance is measured on the percentage of built defenses and the number of Starlanes discovered during the game.


Main Menu

When you start Solstice, the Title Screen will appear. From here you are can start a new game or configure game settings.


User Interface

1 - Close-Up Camera
2 - Timer Display
3 - Starship Icons
4 - Control Button (Android/iOS only)
5 - Starlanes

Control Button
Control Button (original size)

Android/iOS controls:
Move one finger on the screen to rotate the camera around objects and two fingers to move the camera back and forth.
The point of reference for the camera can by changed by touching on a planet or the star.

Hold the Control Button with one finger and draw with a second finger a rectangle around one or more starships to select them.
Send selected starships to a planet by holding down the Control Button and touching the planet with a second finger.
The position of the Control Button can be changed in Options (Android/iOS only).


Windows/OS X controls:
Use the Left Mouse Button to emulate One-Finger-Touches and the Mouse-Scrollwheel to zoom.

Default Input Keys for Windows/OS X:
Zoom: w/s, up/down (or mouse wheel)
Control Key: ctrl

Defenses are built by sending starships to the planets. As soon as a starship arrives on a planet, the Starlanes going from this planet to other planets are made visible. While your starships can be sent from any planet to every planet, using these Starlanes boosts the starship's travel speed.


Here is a list of hints to help you jump right into a successful game:

- Sent starships to the planets rapidly because invading bombers will arrive soon.
- The productivity of a planet (the rate at which it builds starships) depends on the planet's surface (blue>grey>red).
- You can't build defenses on the star in the center of the starmap.
- Starships can also be sent to the planet they orbit. This forces their repositioning.
- Send starships from fully defended planets to lesser defended ones to protect them during the development of their defenses.
- Starships attack enemies automatically if they're in an appropriate distance.
- Destroyed defenses need some time to recover before they can be built again.
- Ask questions, suggest new features, and share comments in the Solstice forum hosted by

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