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Deep sea sub The oceans are being explored
with the aid of a deep sea sub. Previously unknown marine life is being discovered and photographed.

Deep sea submarines are used in many aquatic applications

New inventions and models are continuously being developed and tested to see if they can handle the rigorous environment of the deep sea. The oceans are even more hazardous than space in some instances. Crushing pressure and cold temperatures make exploration difficult. Deep sea subs are also used in mapping the ocean floor. Other uses are oil and gas exploration, pipeline maintenance. 

Under water telephone and power lines can be inspected periodically for damage from fishing trawlers and natural corrosion from salt water. The movie and film industry has also utilized deep sea subs for scenes that are too dangerous for human divers.
The deep sea is now drawing tourists and ocean machines to transport them are a booming industry. Although a very dangerous environment, there is many willing to accept the risk to see the little known under water world and its inhabitants. Water covers more of the earth than land, thus making the deep sea the final frontier on our planet.
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First invented mostly for tactical war time use, the deep sea sub now has an important role to let us understand the ocean floor, deep sea marine life and how to protect it. Specialized deep sea subs have been made to rescue stranded sailors on a sunken submarine. Once thought impossible depths for rescue are now realized with new technology. Some robots can now stay under water for months at a time collecting data and doing scientific studies. Under water laboratories can be resupplied much in the same way that the space shuttle resupplies the orbiting space station. The future will see more people living longer periods of time in these aquatic stations.  
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Robotic manipulators, cameras, and sea sonar enhance the deep sea sub in carrying out its mission. Under water communication with-out a tether make journeys to the deep easier to explore rugged terrain and areas prone to cable entanglement.  Nuclear powered submarines are the pride of a countries naval force and rarely seen in public. Stealth and the inability of other naval forces to pin point their location make them the most feared arsenal on the earth. They are able to stay under water for months on end and can pack dozens of nuclear war head missiles. These weapons can be deployed with-out the deep sea sub even surfacing.  


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