Deep Sea Flower Dice Bag

I invented and knitted this during one or two role-playing sessions. I wanted a zig-zag pattern to bring out the stripes, and after binding off, the four points and the pretty  Noro colourway created a somewhat organic, deep-sea flower-like shape. Then a friend requested one long enough to put her dice cup in.


-1 ball Noro Kureyon (both bags on the photo came out of the same ball)

-A five-needle set of 5mm (US 8) double pointed needles, or a circular needle if you are comfortable with the magic loop method. I prefer dpns because there is exactly one pattern repeat per needle.

- Tapestry needle.

Gauge & Size

is not important here. Just make sure you use needles that will give you a nice, firm fabric. The smaller bag I made is approx. 6.5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide (16.5 x 9cm), enough for a good handful of dice.


kfb: inc 1 st by knitting the front loop, then in the back loop of the same st. If in doubt, youtube.

dd (double decrease):  slip 2 sts together as if to knit, knit the next st, pass the slipped sts over the knitted st. This creates a symmetrical point in the row with one stitch in the middle.


CO 15
Row 1: *k1, p1. Repeat from * across.
Row 2-20: Repeat row 1.

Do as many rows as you need to get a square.

Pick up stitches all the way around the square:
Starting from where you just finished the row, pick up 15 stitches down the side of the square, then 15 more along the bottom, then 15 more up
the other side. If you use double pointed needles, there should be a needle on each side. 60 st.

Knit round once.

Begin zig-zag pattern:

*kfb, k5, dd, k5, kfb.
Repeat from * 4 times.
Knit round in pattern until your bag is as long as you want it to be.

 Now for the eyelets:
*kfb, k2, yo, k3, dd, k3, yo, k2, kfb.
Repeat from * 4 times. 68 st.

Now knit on in zig-zag pattern:
kfb, k6, dd, k6, kfb
until you have enough frill on the top of the bag. BO.
I used a bit from the inside end of the ball to make the contrasting edge and the cord.

The cord

I made a 2-stitch I-cord:
CO 2 with two dpns. Circulars work too but are pretty unwieldy.
Row 1: K2. Then don’t turn the work, but slide the entire work back to the other end of the dpn.
Row 2: K2, then slide the entire work back to the other end of the dpn.
This will eventually form a thin tube.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until your cord is long enough.


"Little tube to slide up and down the cord to pull it tight":

CO 8 with 2 dpns, 4 st on each needle. Close to round. K in the round for about 6 rows. BO.

Thread the two cord ends through the eyelets of the bag, then through the tube you just knitted. Separate the tube into two parts, one for each end of the cord, by stitching across it with a tapestry needle and some yarn. You can now pull the bag close without have to put a knot in the cord.