Removing the bezel from my Rolex DeepSea to give it a good clean out after some sand
had found its way under it was easy, but refitting the bezel was not so easy as i found out
like always the hard way.

 Rolex have changed the way the bezel is held in place to the now discontinued
 Sea-Dweller 16000 that used click springs and washers to hold the bezel on.

The Deepsea bezel is sitting on four spring loaded ball bearings positioned at approx
2 ,5 ,7 ,and 11 o'clock, The one at the 7 o'clock position has the clicker on it.The bezel
is held in place by what appears to be some kind of plastic white washer,.. The washer
is only
touching the ball bearing with the clicker which is placed closer to the crystal than
other three .

These two pictures below don't give a true indication of the gap between the c
ase and bezel ,
But if you click on them to enlarge the pictures you can see the Deepsea on left has a slightly
bigger gap than the original Sea-Dweller
on the right.This system makes the bezel spring up and
down a little on the case giving it a much
ooser fit with a small gap between the case and bezel,
Not like the original Sea-Dweller
as with a tight fitted bezel and no gaps ! The Deepsea bezel IMO is way to loose and
never seems to line up properly with the 12 o'clock marker on the dial you would expect
a watch with a price tag the Deepsea has to be perfect .

                                                          Rolex Sea-Dweller 16000
                 Rolex DEEPSEA
It doesn't take much effort to turn the Deepsea bezel don't know if this is a good thing
it can easily be moved accidentally forward which will only shorten the time of a dive
so it
is quite safe but can be annoying ,Overall it is smooth and clicks are positive and
being ceramic looks very nice

Removing Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dwellers Bezel for cleaning
Doing this is not recommended unless you have done this before and know

exactly what your doing ,As the bezel retaining plastic ring can easily be damaged.
I know this as it happen to me , damaged the bezel retainer and there was no way of fixing
the bezel back on without a new retaining ring , So of to Rolex service center I am happy
to say that Rolex service center Australia put the bezel back on and even replaced the
spring bars which i had damaged removing the bracelet free of charge ,that is a lessen
well learn't i will never be doing that again!!   

                 Here you can see the retainer broken


click to enlarge
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