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Peer Reviewed articles below
"Immortal Nirbhaya: From Victim To Victor Around The Globe"
Authors: Deepsikha Chatterjee and Claudia Orenstein
Published in Samyukta-A Journal of Gender & Culture (July 2016)
Vol. XVI No. 2
Published by Women's Initiatives with support from the University Grants Commission, India.
Editors: G. S. Jayasree, Sridevi K. Nair
Guest Editor for this volume: Arya Madhavan

"Masks and Costumes of Purulia Chhau"
Asian Theatre Journal
Spring 2019 Volume 36, Number 1
Published by University of Hawaii Press

Event Review
"Ancient Threads and Steps from India meet in Philadelphia"
Studies in Costume and Performance
Volume 3 Number 2
Intellect Ltd