Been playing flash remake of Aliens boardgame.

Flaming Drake kept rear while we escaped thru the vents. See how he has only one ammo left for final Flame Ground action.

But what's this? Due to a tactical fuck-up, Sarge is covering Drake's back. That means he won't make it out this turn! D:

Good thing Apone has some mean fisticuffs. He knocks off the attacking alien and runs to freedom!

Final scores. With this many marines alive, I might even have a chance rescuing Newt from the hive.

Meeting the Queen. Vasquez got steamrolled so we decide to make the bitch (Queen, not Vasquez) run around the flames:

Killing the Queen:

Whoa... Looks like Newt isn't alone. Everyone grab someone and... Watch out, Drake!

Drake didn't watch out. RUN LIKE HELL!