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Culture & Potting

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Brassia - Not Avaiable
   American Orchid Society

    American Orchid Society 
Sun Bulb Company

    American Orchid Society
    American Orchid Society
    American Orchid Society
    American Orchid Society
    American Orchid Society 
Sun Bulb Company
    Potting Oncidiums
    American Orchid Society
Phragmepidium - Not Avaiable
Tolumnia (Equitant) 
    American Orchid Society
    American Orchid Society 
Sun Bulb Company
    Potting Vandas
Zygopetalum - Not Avaiable
   General Info

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Orchid Care by the Month
in New Jersey

Glossary for Terms
  List of common orchid words and terms.

Orchid Species
A list of over 10,000 orchid species and cross reference of common synonyms of orchids species. Includes many pics and reference to light and temperature requirements, blooming season and fragrance.

Orchid Wiki
A shared site of tons of Orchid Information

Orchid Photo Page
Hundreds of beautiful orchid photos

Orchid Board
Forums, Pics, Culture, etc

Orchids Online
Orchid Research, Forms, Pics, Etc

   Orchid Articles 

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Articles below require Abobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have Abode Reader click here to install a free copy.

Orchid Basics (PDF)
 Discusses the basics for growing Orchids  

Orchids for the Home (PDF)
Discusses which Orchids are best when getting started with Orchids

Move Orchids Outside
for the Summer
The weather in New Jersey is great for orchids from late spring through fall.
This article discussed growing orchids outside in the Northeast.

Why Won't my Orchids Flower? (PDF)
 There is a wide varierty of environmental triggers that encourage orchids to bloom and each orchid has its favorites.
This article discussed these triggers so that you can find theright one for your orchids

Pots and Pottng Materials (PDF)
There is a wide various types of pots and potting materials available and it can be very confusing. What works for someone else may not work for you. This article discusses how these materials work so that you can determine the best combination.

 Potting Tips (PDF)
Repotting orchids is crucial to their health and growth but repotting an orchid for the first time can be a mystery. This article takes you through the various steps of repotting an orchid with useful tips to ensure success.

 Deciphering Orchid Names (PDF)
Orchid names can appear to be quite confusing, but there is a logic. This article explains how names are derived and how to use this information when buying orchids.