VidTer Review - Build Your List and Make You SALES

Authority sells. Today, the internet is chock-a-block full of ‘experts’ – people who have a certain amount of knowledge and expertise in a particular field. But establish your business as an authority in its industry and it’s a completely different ballgame – you can stand out from the competition.


People listen to authority. People trust authority figures to be right. So right that they’re worth listening to, following, sharing and loyally defending. Which is why establishing your team members and by proxy your business as an authority in your field is a crucial element of internet marketing.

One of the chief ways to build relationships with potential customers and earn their trust is to provide useful content on your website. Smart business owners realise that visitors who find useful information on their website are more likely to return for paid services, to exhibit brand loyalty, and to refer you to their social circles.


Traditional advertising is losing its influence. Customers don’t want to be sold something, they want proof of your expertise and knowledge. And video is the ideal platform in which to showcase your skills.


On that VidTer Review, let’s look at some of the ways you can use video to develop your business as an authority in its industry.

Video for business: introduce and explain your brand

Video is the perfect medium to introduce your brand and show off your products and services. And it’s the perfect opportunity to gain people’s trust and establish your authority.


Do you have an engaging story to tell? If so, who would be the best person to tell that story? Record an interview with the founder – after all, the business is their idea, and they had the drive and passion to set the wheels in motion. Ask them to explain their vision, and the blood, sweat and tears that went into building their dream.


Or use video to demonstrate the qualities of your products or services. One of the most successful video campaigns of this nature is Blendtec’s “Will it Blend?” series.

The series proves the durability of the product by showing the blender chewing up a variety of objects such as a pool cue, various Apple products, and other random items. By providing such compelling content, Blendtec has ensured a dedicated following on YouTube, reaching a huge audience – the above video alone has over 16 million views. This is a quintessential example of how new businesses can gain visibility quickly, and establish trust and authority at the same time.


Do you have a compelling story to tell about the creation of your business or the credibility of your products or services? Then record it and share it. Remember that whatever tone you use will be a major influence on how people see your brand, so if you want to be seen as quirky, fun, happy or serious, make sure capture that in your video.

Establish your expertise

Another way of building your authority is to use video to establish a sense of expertise in your field. This could be discussing your brand’s mission, the design and concept behind your products, or discussing the latest news in your industry. Here’s a great example:

Jony Ive, or Sir Jonathan Ive to give him his correct title, is a British designer and Senior Vice President of Design at Apple. He’s the man behind the devices we know and love, including the iMac, Macbook, iPod, iPhone and iPad, and an incredibly inspiring man to listen to.


In the above clip, he clearly demonstrates his obsession with design and his passion for his work. He understands how simple, elegant and easy-to-use devices can help us be more creative in our personal and professional lives. And he shows how Apple brings a sense of calm and simplicity to complex problems.


Every business has its heroes: people who passionately believe their products and services are the best on the market. So give yours an opportunity to demonstrate that on a public platform. Show how hard you work behind the scenes to give your customers maximum value.

Speaking at industry events

A great way to establish your reputation as an authority amongst your contemporaries is by speaking at industry events. And bear in mind that if you record your speech and share it online, you will reach a much greater audience.


In the SEO Industry Distilled, who are a UK based SEO agency are perhaps the leaders in holding quality conferences, so if you get to speak at one of their conferences then it is a great honour and also a great opportunity to build your authority. Here are some highlights from previous Distilled events:

If you speak at an industry event, make sure you get a copy of the footage to share on your website – this is a great opportunity to establish credibility and build your authority.


Interview industry experts

Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy, hit on a great way to make his humble website – learning from proven online entrepreneurs – the leading authority in its field. He interviews awesome people. The idea behind this is very simple. If you feature or refer to people who already have a lot of attention online, their followers will be alerted to anything new about them. Therefore as soon as any new content is posted, they will head over to watch, naturally attracting more traffic to that website.


The videos on Mixergy are quite lengthy and Andrew reserves that content for his own website, but he posts a taster of the interviews, highlighting an overview of the topic and showing a brief snippet, on YouTube, to attract more traffic. Here’s one of his tasters:

This is an excellent way to get your business noticed. Most industries have a number of respected authorities so, if you haven’t already, find those in your industry and establish a relationship with them. Read and comment on their blogs and initiate conversations with them. Once you’ve established a good relationship, ask them to participate in a video.


Note that the interviews are very in-depth and take a lot of preparation and research – If you get an authority figure form your industry to agree to an interview then do not squander the opportunity through asking them boring and standard questions. You need to get them to really open up and speak their mind.


If you can’t get an authority figure to participate in your video, you can always refer to somebody who has an audience, then contact them to say you’ve mentioned them. They will probably be flattered and may circulate it to their own followers.

Host a webinar or hangout series

Finally, webinars are a valuable, cost-effective marketing tool to help establish your authority.


Webinars are real-time online events or presentations hosted through a conferencing tool, using a combination of audio and visual. Because participants are required to register their name and email address to sign up, it’s a great way of getting qualified leads, as you already know they’re interested in the products or services you offer. Moreover, polls and surveys are often conducted in association with the seminar, giving you essential marketing data and the opportunity to engage with your audience.


Most importantly, however, webinars give you a platform to increase your credibility, visibility and trust, and to demonstrate your expertise. You can host different types of webinars depending on your goals. You can educate people through informative webinars, or use webinars to sell products or services. You can also run a Q&A webinar or one for coaching people.


If you think you can educate people on a specific topic, or provide a solution for a target audience, why not consider hosting webinars as part of your digital marketing strategy?


We have written a few posts on this topic: Why Google Hangouts are good for business and How to plan and market a Google Hangout.

Using video to establish your authority

Video is an essential marketing tool if you want to increase your web presence and establish your business as an authority in your industry. It provides a richer experience than a blog post or press release, and by using video to create explanations and establish your brand identity, you show yourself to be credible and reliable.


Plan your campaign carefully. Think about what you’re willing to share, and consider your inspirations, passions and any useful information. Take care not to mimic another brand, but to find your own voice and be yourself. Remember, you’re showing the world what your brand means and allowing people to engage with the humans behind the business.


What Will I Learn?

·       At the end of my course, the student will be able to create niche site and authority site and start generating income from the site


·       Basic HTML and WordPress


Here is a summary of the course which I like to call it the blueprint for building an authority website. There are seven parts in building an authority website. This course is developed and designed based on these seven parts. 

Module 1 is the introduction module in which I introduce the course and lay the training outline. Module 2 is the key success factors needed to ensure your success in building a profitable website. 

Module 3, Module 4, Module 5, Module 6 and Module 7 forms the core of this training. In these modules, I will teach you how to plan and target your niche area using the right approach, processes, and tools. 

Module 7 and Module 8 will focus on how to develop a systematic approach to building your website and on how to create good and quality contents for your website to become authoritative. Module 9 will focus on how you can promote your website and start developing a community using various social media platforms. 

Module 10 is on how to do link building to your website. It is one of the key critical areas you need to learn that will set you apart from other competitors. Module 11 is how you can monetize your website. This module will show you the basic approach to monetization and what are the channels possible for monetization of your website.

Finally, Module 12 is all about maintaining and growing your site using SEO and also Google Analytics.

Who is the target audience?

·       Digital Entrepreneur

·       Digital Marketing for Beginner

·       Website Developer

·       Here is how the product breaks down: 

·       Module 1 - Introduction

·       In this module we go over exactly what you will be getting into learning and doing. In this product we go over how to create killer videos with your mobile phone so you can get more attention and make more money. 


·       Module 2 - Equipment 

·       In this module we discuss all of the amazing pieces of equipment available to you and the ones we used to film most of the videos we created in The Video Authority. There is a break out section for both Apple and Android phones along with Microphones and sound equipment.


·       Module 3 - Planning 

·       Planning is one of the biggest parts of creating great video and content. With a plan the stress gets lifted. We go over how to create a iron-clad plan so you know exactly what to do when recording your videos.


·       Module 4 - Production

·       This module is where we get into the meat and potatoes of recording video. We walk you through a step by step approach and best practices, as well as 3 different types of video walk throughs. To show you exactly what to do when recording videos.


·       Module 5 - Post Production

·       Post production is a long name for editing and finishing your videos. This section is a hearty one. With screen records of how to use iMovie, Screenflow, and Premiere Pro. It shows you how to edit, edit to music, refine sound, fix color, add effects and transitions, add titling and export your videos.


·       Module 6 - Skype Call with John Spencer Ellis

·       This section we hop on a Skype call with John Spencer Ellis my partner in this product as well as my mentor and coach to talk about how he’s been able to use video and techniques online to build an 8 figure business.


·       Module 7 - Mindset Chats

·       These are short videos that walk you through the mental aspect of dealing with the unpredictable nature of recording any type of videos and the mental preparation you should have to take away the stress and make it fun while you create great videos.


·       Module 8 - Bonus

·       This section we have a bonus video and templates and documents for you to use to build, create, plan, produce and finish videos that will make get you more attention and ultimately make you more money.



·       Here are some statistics to think about: 

·       • 50% of online video accounts for 50% of ALL mobile traffic in 2015

·       • 93% of marketers are using video in their campaigns 

·       • 84% are using video for website marketing 

·       • 60% are using video for email marketing 

·       • 70% are optimizing video for search engines 

·       • 70% will increase spending on video 

·       • 82% confirmed that video had a positive impact on their business


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