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The Current News:

The 2010 Ohio State Fair supported a film "competition" for the first time ever this year in an association with the GCAC (Greater Columbus Arts Council).  Cash awards were given to several local friends of mine as well as my own short video piece, "Stauf's Mission" which was shot with my Samsung Omnia i910 cell phone one afternoon over coffee at Stauf's in Grandview Heights, Ohio.  There was a cash award in this so I will be using the money for my next film.  No surprise in that.  My good pal Matt Meindl walked away with the Best of Show for his piece called "Inside Out/Side One" and Jennifer Deafenbaugh grabbed another nod from the GCAC for "Strawberry Jam Session".   I'm very happy to be in such good company on this one.

Current Project - A small cast and crew are working on my latest Super 16mm effort, "Lone".  A short mostly silent film with a bit of Science Fiction thrown in, asking a question about reliving life and the chances you take in that respect.  I should have a trailer cut soon.  Watch for it at my Vimeo site, http://www.Vimeo.com/DeepBlueEdithttp://www.Vimeo.com/DeepBlueEdit

Past Screenings and projects - My little 16mm film short One Pill came in second at the Columbus International Film and Video Awards in it's division, experimental films.   You may be able to find more information on the web site for the Chris Awards.  1st place went to Jenn Deafenbaugh, a friend of mine also from Columbus, Ohio so maybe film as an art form is coming back around and resting comfortably in the Midwest?  The ceremony was Nov 14th, 2009.

Both One Pill and Chemical are playing in the Seattle based Blue-November film festival in November.

Principal photography is wrapped on the Aidan 5 web series.  I came on board as a jib operator, Camera Operator and fill-in DP for the series after it returned from winning the Columbus 48 Hour Film Project, came in second runner up in the world at the Miami International Film Festival and an invitational screening at Cannes.  It's been a lot of fun and there may be more to come.  Check out the web series at http://www.Aidan5.com

Ohio Film Chatter, the podcast series I started is still alive, discussing filmmaking here in Ohio with the people who make films. Be sure to check them out at http://deepblueedit.podbean.com.  Currently there are over 5,000 site hits.

Additional news, Time Warner Cable has chosen 2 of my 16mm film shorts, One Pill and Chemical as 2 of the 15 shorts selected for their new Viewers Choice channel featuring filmmakers.  This starts on the Time Warner Viewers Choice channels I believe on all systems on Sept 25th, 2009.  A 3rd short I shot for a friend made the cut also.  Look for Bus Stop as well.  that means I was involved in 3 of the 15 shorts chosen to be shown on Time Warner.  Details when I know more about where to send folks.

Even more news; my 16mm film short film One Pill is now listed among the likes of Maya Deren and Guy Maddin on the web site 366 Weird Movies in the Saturday Shorts section.  I thank the folks there for making me a welcome part of their site.  You can see One Pill there and read some of the nice comments by Cameron Jorgensen.  I am honored.

As always I thank my cast and crew for playing along with me.  I hope these minor joys help propel us all to where we want to be in film.

I have added all my films and videos here to have a one stop location to review everything I have done since my involvement in short films and videos.  Videos and films of note would be One Pill, a 16mm film short asking the basic question:

If One Pill could repair a broken memory...
No matter how tragic and painful...
Would you take it?

and Chemical, a recent 16mm short film shot in Columbus, Ohio with several local actors and a filmmaker friend of mine Matt Meindl with Natalie Lloyd, Mary Vade Bon Coeur, Bill Brunk and Elizabeth Hansen.  It's semi-silent.

Ghosts I:I (16mm film) and Friends (8mm, 16mm film) were both created using film formats for the NIN (Trent Reznor) online collection of filmmaker pieces to accompany his double CD release of the Ghosts series.  Music donated by NIN for these pieces.

, shot on 8mm and Super 8 film was recently show at the Blue-November Microfilm Festival in Seattle, Washington and uses, with permission, music from Moby.

Elevator was shot in 24p HDV video and contains two pieces of music by Moby, used by permission.

I am a published short screenplay writer now.  See the Parker issue of Paradigm magazine here (PDF file):
http://www.paradigmjournal.com/parkerissue.pdf - see page 99 of the downloadable PDF version for "Scrubbing".

My Quiet Day (cell phone video), Memories of a Dream (MiniDV) and My Angels (8mm film) were shown in a gallery exhibition in Columbus, Ohio put on by the Fuse Factory.

Frame 37 (DVCam) was shown at a small festival in Strasbourg, France a while back, and locally at the Look at my Shorts III.

Secrets (DVCam) won the DVChallenge #2 online short video contest and played on the big screen at Look at my Shorts III..

Bent Rays
saw lots of airtime play on MTV Italy's online channel.

The Lottery will be Televised (DVCam) and Track 11 (24p HDV), and most all of the others saw big screen time at the Cow Town Screenings in Columbus, Ohio..

I have also had screenings in Strasbourg France, Seattle Washington and locally on big screens and had a few pieces included on the online channel for MTV Italy (Qoob.tv)

I am officially available to help other companies involved in film and video by adding my style and equipment offerings in the areas of 8mm, Super 8, 16mm and DVCam equipment to your stack of skills and options.  I am particularly interested in becoming involved with the more exclusive wedding video companies in the area and offer the option of inexpensively adding the ability to shoot on actual film based mediums to obtain a true retro look that is becoming so popular at the upper tier of the wedding and other emotionaly impact generating video endevors.  Film does not mean scratchy grainy shaky looking.  With the advent of increasingly popular and inexpensive HD gear, transfers of all film formats to HD is becoming very very cost effective.  Adding film footage to HD footage can be a beautiful and seemless workflow option.  Consider it and see my additional mini site here: http://sites.google.com/site/seanmchenryfilm/

Please check out my pages of film and video projects.  If you find anything interesting, drop me a note.  If you wish, please visit me at the following web addresses:


Sean McHenry

About Sean

I am a long time television broadcasting engineer having worked with an NBC affiliate television station in Columbus, Ohio for nearly 16 years as a studio Engineer, working behind the scenes as the Lighting Director for news, Technical Director, Audio, Tape Room operations, Master Control and Camera.

I moved into Post Production Engineering with 2 of the areas largest post houses years ago in protest of the television programing becoming prevalent on the air.  Deplorable programs like Jerry Springer, Judge Judy and their ilk forced me to leave for more ethical programming.  Finding none, I moved into engineering and eventually decided, as a creative outlet to enter a few online video contests.  I won the first contest I entered.  From there it was all fun and love of writing, producing, directing, shooting and editing videos.

After a year or so of working with video on my experimental shorts, I bought a Super 8 film camera.  It was instant love.  I have owned up to a dozen film cameras in various formats at any given time with a real love of 16mm and regular 8mm film.

I hope you enjoy something here.  If you do, please write.  If not, sorry, I make these for me, my film friends and the enjoyment I get from the making of them.  It is all personal to me and it is an art form, and I'm bringing it back, with some help from some friends of mine.