Easy Educational Toolkit for OLPC

Initial  Summary of the Idea

The laptop needs to have tools so as to enable teachers to check their students' knowledge in an easy and a fun way. The objective of this project will be to create a platform over which development of educational tests is very easy. After its development, even a simple rural teacher with no particular experience in programming would be able to create new exciting educational games and tests for his/her students. 

The project will consist of two parts :

1. Development of an easy to use tool for the development of new educational tests.
2. Provide tutorials and examples to get a teacher started and enable him/her to make new tests in the matter of minutes.

 Test Generation tool

This tool will enable a user to do the following:
            1. Make a quiz(Timed/Untimed)
            2. Track and report results.
            3. Enable a teacher to add MCQs, Match the following, Fill in the
                 blanks and Images etc very easily without any programming.     

Use Case Scenario  

1. Mr.Sharma is a geography teacher and wants his students to fill in the names of the states of India: He adds a map of India onto the drawing surface, Puts Fill in the Blanks and provide the right answers.Then he gives out the test to his students, they then submit their answers and the software checks their answers and reports their marks to Mr.Sharma.
2. Mr.Sharma is a language teacher and wants to test the vocablury of his students. He prepares a set of MCQs containing various meaning to a difficult word. He sends out his test to his students who do it in a specified time and return their answers. The tool calculates results and report to Mr.Sharma. 

Component Wise Analysis

1. Support for adding the following types of questions within few clicks :
    a) Fill in the Blanks
    b) Multiple choice Questions
    c) Match the following
    d) True/False
    e) Image based Questions.                                                                                                               f) Subjective Questions.
2. Support for entering answers to the questions by the teacher.
3. Ability to send and receive filled question papers.
4. Automated Result Generation.

For component 1 and 2, easy to use GUI will be developed which will make developement of quizzes a child play.

Add something about networks

Future work will involve the development of a feature to allow a teacher to send his feedbacks to the students which will be preferably kept using CrossMarks or XML. Apart from that, new features would be developed in the future.

Tutorials and Support Website

The tool must include lots of tutorials and support website for getting teachers to start on this very easily.