Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions answered

01   Will indoor cycling help me lose weight?

Yes! Indoor cycling is a great way to burn calories and increase overall cardiovascular health. Most riders burn approximately 600 calories a class, with some riders burning up to 1000! So if done regularly and in combination with a healthy diet, indoor cycling will absolutely help you lose weight, lower your body fat percentage, and increase your cardiovascular health.

02   Can I get started even if I'm not in great shape?

Of course! The great thing about indoor cycling is that each rider controls her own resistance and speed, so it's adaptable to both new and seasoned athletes. Our instructors will of course motivate and encourage you to challenge yourself, but you ultimately choose how hard you'd like to work when you're on the bike.

03   Do I need any special gear to participate?

All you need is some comfortable clothing. You will sweat quite a bit, so we recommend a moisture-wicking top. Also, many people like to wear padded cycling shorts for more support. We provide the shoes you’ll need to “clip” in to the bikes, although you are of course welcome to bring your own.

05   Do I need to bring special cycling shoes to cycle at 42?

No. We provide the shoes (at no extra charge) you will need to "clip" in to the bikes, although you are absolutely welcome to bring your own. If you'd prefer to ride in sneakers, our bikes are equipped with toe cages, so you may do that as well. For those bringing their own cycling shoes, our bikes are SPD and Delta (Look) cleat compatible.

06   What kind of cycling classes does 42 offer?

42 offers challenging, unchoreographed, real ride, cycling classes designed to push your fitness and endurance. Although each class will vary depending on the instructor's style and musical selections, cycling classes at 42 are 45 or 60 minutes long and focus on “interval” training. That means you'll ride intensely for a short period, recover, and then repeat. Our instructors are creative with music and change their playlists often. In fact, many of our instructors pride themselves on never using the same playlist twice.