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I am a researcher at IBM India Research Lab at Bangalore, which is where I have been working since 2006. I completed MTech and PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the Dept. of CS&E, Indian Institute of Technology Madras where my PhD advisers were Dr. Deepak Khemani and Dr. Sutanu Chakraborti. Prior to that, I did my BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from the Model Engineering College, Kochi where my guide was Prof. Jyothi John. I am a native of Ernakulam, Kerala. 

Web page in IBM Google Citations

PhD Thesis, IIT Madras, 2014 - Knowledge Management Techniques to Augment Textual CBR

MTech Thesis, IIT Madras, 2006 - Applying Machine Learning Methods to Text Corpora and Case Bases

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