Sandeep Dhirad

Curriculum Vitae


Gender: Male


Trasoppveien 3

0671 Oslo



Nationality: Norwegian

Age: 24

Tel: +47 932 99 372


Languages: Norwegian, English, Danish, Swedish and Hindi all both written and spoken. Besides that I also speak Urdu and Punjabi.












I am a fresh, open minded and ambitious individual who enjoys working and interacting with people from all walks of life!

            I am of Indian origin, but was born and lived my whole life in Norway, which implies complete education in Norway.

            My choice of education shows that I have a strong passion for marketing, which, together with my can-do attitude, drives me towards achieving ambitious targets within set conditions and budget.

            I am a relationship builder, and very confident with communicating with clients and co-workers. These attributes come from my experience in different types of work, evolving around communicating with people and clients.

            Having a high degree of integrity means that I will be very committed to my organisation. Due to my honest and open nature, I will challenge both my and others’ ideas to ensure the best possible outcome for the company. I am also a very keen listener, and value others’ opinions highly.




















  • Fast and eager learner, looking for challenges and responsibility
  • Creative with attention to detail
  • Collaborative nature
  • Proactive, and highly adaptive to new environments
  • Natural Charm and good sense of humour
  • Very interested in the technology field, including IT/computers
  • Analytical and self motivated
  • Fluent in written and spoken Norwegian and English. Able to communicate well in Danish, Swedish, Hindi and Punjabi, both written and spoken except Punjabi (only spoken).














2004-2006: Norwegian School of Management (BI) – MSc Marketing

MSc in Marketing, with major within the field of management and minor in marketing.


2001-2004: Norwegian School of Management (BI) – BSc Marketing Management

Wrote dissertation about market segmentation for a Norwegian telecommunications company. Result: A (top grade) This has been a major contributor to my time management, research, and team-working skills. Through debating in team in 2003 I reached the quarter-final in competition for the best debaters of the University.