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DeeLeit Makeup 

Dee has been working in film and fashion photography makeup in San Francisco for since 2008. She began training in theatrical makeup in 2001 and has been playing and working with high pigment, high impact makeup since!

For film and theatre, Dee works primarily with Ben Nye, Kryolan, and Derma Blend products, which can be purchased at RetroFit 910 Valencia St SF CA. 

 Experience Shows!

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Drag makeup, Costumes, and Props,
Fashion Photography and Glamor makeup


I recently had the chance to work with Dee Leitner and I can't praise her enough. I was working on a very no-budget short film and needed a makeup / wardrobe / art person who was highly creative, on the ball, and needed very little supervision. Dee fit the bill in every way. Though the shooting schedule was erratic, Dee showed up every single day - the only crew member to do so - and was always smiling, always ready to go, and always willing to jump in to whatever crew role I needed her to play that day.

My shoot involved some tricky makeup and wardrobe requirements but Dee seems to thrive on challenge. For an elf character, she not only handled the prosthetic ears beautifully, but on the fly she created accessories and even a crown from random twigs and plants foraged from a garden. In another situation, when the director (me) was entirely unprepared with wardrobe, Dee scrounged through discarded clothes in a lost and found pile and somehow put together the perfect outfit for a very large medieval peasant pimp. I was truly amazed.

I would eagerly work with Dee again and wholeheartedly recommend her to any production company lucky enough to nab her.

Justin Whitney

I've been lucky enough to work with Dee on numerous occasions. I modeled for a glamour photo shoot and Dee was the makeup artist. She has also helped me create blood-curdling gore (a bullet wound in the head) for stage AND she staged-managed two shows i was in. Very professional and fun. I highly recommend her and I will definitely work with her in the future.

Kate Richards
Pretty Pretty (Look At You!) Makeup


I've had the pleasure of working With Dee Leitner on several films, including mine. Two of the films we worked on together were filmed in black and white, and Dee's expertise helped to bring out just the right hues for that kind of specialty filming.

Also an expert on special effects makeup, especially the more subtle variety. I've seen her apply sweat on several occasions, making the actors look like they were sweating profusely, consistently take after take.

On set she's a pro, always on time, always available, and prepared to go the extra mile to bring out the filmmaker's vision come alive.

She's always my first choice when it come to choosing a makeup artist on my set. Period.

If you wish to contact me regarding Dee and her work, I'd love to talk to you.

J. Carlos Salazar - Filmmaker


Dee is FANTASTIC! It was a great joy to get the chance to work with her and have her on my set creating a demon make-up for my horror film. Dee was completely professional and also fun, easy-going and a true artist! The make-up she created was nightmare inducing and left a lasting impression.

I would highly recommend Dee for all your make-up projects! I'm definitely going to her from now on!

Cathy Sitzes
Director- The Ruined