General Info

My name

Hugo Daniel Rodrigues Gonçalves

Ph.D. Thesis

"Bioinspired Neuromorphic Systems for Computational Vision"

(formerly "Sistema Integrado para Processamento de Informação Visual")

Research work

This proposed research consists of the investigation, development and implementation of an artificial vision system which fits, by its level of integration, in what is usually called Vision Chip. The work involves the following tasks 1) study and develop algorithms which perform the same processing of the human retina, like the detection of movement, contours, contrast, etc. and 2) develop an electronic mixed‐signal circuit with both analog and digital components that are responsible for image acquisition and its pre‐processing. The system must have biological inspiration with neurophysiologic and psychophysics relevance for the human vision, and hence it could constitute or integrate a device of support, substitution or rehabilitation of the vision functions for some quotidian tasks.

Research Institute

INESC TEC / FEUP / Carnegie Mellon


Miguel Velhote Correia, FEUP

Xin Li, Carnegie Mellon

Research Lab