Fully Complex Theory of Relativity


What was one of the Einstein's postulates about his special relativity: "Einstein's theory of Special Relativity is based on two postulates:Relativity Principle: The laws of nature are the same in all inertial reference frames. The speed of light in a vacuum is the same in all inertial frames." He speaks of speed of light in vacuum being constant in all inertial frames. But we all know that primarily there is velocity and then comes speed. Velocity is vector that has origin length form and destination while speed is the norm of that vector. Now we will look at all possibilities not excluding any of them as non-existent.

Prior State of A.E.'s S.R.T.

where the square root of the determinant of SRT Transformer is 

If two relative coordinate systems are mutually not moving then V=0 and therefore the space-time coordinates do not alter while transferring from one system to the other and back. We will get back to this possibility yet another time later on. The speed V is always considered real either positive (moving forwards) of negative (moving backwards). Let's start with speed 1 m/s. The SRTGammaFactor is negligibly different from 1 and it is said that in such case Newton-Galilean relativity is on duty. What if the systems are approaching the speed of light V = 0.999 c ???
The SRTGammaFactor is nearing zero and as it happens to be divisor in the SRT Transformer Matrix the system is reaching infinity as nearing the event horizon of the black hole: infinite space contraction and infinite time latency. 

Velocity Addition Doesn't Let You Go Beyond Speed of Light

To add up velocities is to power up the SRT Transformer Matrix on higher exponent degree. 
For me this is the Zeno Paradox Cage. If at first place we were able to jump from 0 to 1 m/s then keep adding up 1 m/s to every previous addition we will reach 300 000 km/s as much is the speed of light no matter if it takes a whole year. Who said velocity addition is the way of powering up propulsion system. 

Now Let's Move On To The Next State of S.R.T.

Only |1 x 1 = 1| because 1 is the only single element of the operation multiplication. 0 doesn't behave that way instead 0 is single element of operation addition or subtraction. So when we were starting with V = 0 the SRTGammaFactor behaved a bit strange cause the V = 0 in the SRTGammaFactor is squared. Squaring the zero is one of the major problems in mathematics... nobody knew for sure how it resolves until i came along. Then when you arrive at V = c the SRTGammaFactor = SquareRoot[0] which again is not 0 and there is no infinite at this point. If V > c then obviously we enter the imaginary domain... but why throwing it away, why only the real is allowed to be existent when in math every number is complex and math deals with it fine ??? 

or the Vector c = (c1 sqrt[+1], c2 sqrt[-1], c3 sqrt[0]) and what still remains constant about c is the norm of that complex number: 
Now let's see what we all have as new possibility opened:  

One over zero is zero over zero squared. Zero squared is zero times one over infinity is zero over infinity and that obviously cannot be zero again. One over x is x over zero resolves x as square root of zero:
v is velocity, c is speed of light, f is unified force and p is physical power. 

it is complex theory of relativity at least because quad root of absolute value of number 1 returns {+1, -1} x {real, imaginary}. if it is complex this way then why not complex all the way including many complex units alike sqrt[0] ???

additionally as a link with the quantum physics s from |c times s = 1| as inverse speed of light is slowness of weight. the gamma factor was sqrt[1 - v/c v/c] so it is equal to sqrt[1 - v v s s] while the fama factor is sqrt[1- s/slowness s/slowness]. 1 / the speed of light = 3.33564095 × 10-9 s / m too is constant and is the lowest limit factor of quantum physics. in the world of tiny there is no rest and that is why the gamma factor in S.R.T. cannot start from v=0. on 1 meter of distance traveled, the weight cannot wait less than 3.33564095 × 10-9 s.
we live in a torus alike geometry of the universe with outer radius c and inner radius s where |s times c = 1|... could it be the wormhole ???
this is how stars in all colors are nested inside another and their edges are c, cc, ccc, cccc... outwards towards the largest speed limit and s, ss, sss, ssss... inwards towards the smallest slowness limit.