Experience the joy and freedom only a dance class can offer.
Locations & Schedule
 Hockessin Athletic Club

1 - 2:15 PM

 100 Fitness Way, Hockessin, DE 19707

Your First Class is Free.
No Charge For Caregivers.
$7 - Single Class
Drop Ins Welcome
$60 - 10 Class Punch Card
Valid At All Locations
($50 For Hockessin Athletic Club Members)

About Dance For Parkinson's

In a dance class designed for people with Parkinson's, "there are no patients, only dancers." And just as any dance class would, a dance for PD class comprises balance, rhythm, dynamic coordination, creativity and invention, and opportunities for performance. The idea that dance could benefit individuals with PD was conceived in 2001 by Olie Westheimer, Founder and Director of Brooklyn Parkinson's Group. Dancers train their minds and bodies to execute movement precisely and gracefully, and Westheimer imagined the strategies they develop to do so could be beneficial for individuals with PD, who struggle with reduced physical mobility and balance. In collaboration with Mark Morris Dance Group (MMDG), an internationally acclaimed dance company, Westheimer developed a dance class that has grown into a global program. This program, called Dance for PD, has had a positive impact on thousands of individuals with PD worldwide.

The classes to be taught by DE Dance for PD are modeled after those developed by Westheimer and MMDG. They will be taught in an enjoyable, social environment by professionally trained dancers. Each class begins with a seated warm up and progresses to steps and movement combinations, which can be done moving through space or while remaining in your chair.

Participants will explore a variety of dance styles, all with an emphasis on using the power of music to move with freedom. The goal of these classes is to develop artistry and grace while addressing such PD-specific concerns as balance, flexibility, coordination, and gait. No previous dance experience is necessary.

About The Lead Instructor

Marion Yager Hamermesh has been dancing all her life, earning her M.Ed. in Dance from Temple University in 1979. She is a teaching member of the Hanover Modern Dance Collective, a multi-generational group of women who dance and perform together. She is a Board Certified Clinical Chaplain, which simply means that she has worked lovingly with people in all stages of health and their caregivers. Marion has taken two levels of training with Dance for PD, first at the studios of the Mark Morris Dance Group and then at Canada's National Ballet School. She has volunteered with Sharon Friedler, Professor of Dance, Emerita at Swarthmore College, at her classes in Bryn Mawr. 

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Photo by Amber Star Merkens