I am a Senior Economist at Development Impact Evaluation (DIME), in the World Bank Research Group, and I am a Development Impact blogger. I received a magistere in economics from Paris 1-ENS Ulm-EHESS (aka, Paris School of Economics), a PhD in economics from the University of London, and I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University. My main interests are in development, labor, conflict and agricultural economics. I founded and lead the Bank’s impact evaluation program in Agricultural Adaptations, which I run in close collaboration with researchers and practitioners across a large number of donor institutions, governments, NGOs, and academic institutions. A full program description is here and a recent presentation of the results from this work is here.

I also founded DIME Analytics to help generate and curate more, better data for impact evaluation. We just published a Wiki and are sharing content on GitHub (i.e., ieToolkit and LaTeX templates).

I am currently running experiments in the fields of agriculture, justice, infrastructure and transport, and natural resource management.

Some of my ongoing research projects include:

o Irrigation in Rwanda: http://www.theigc.org/project/impacts-and-sustainability-of-irrigation-in-rwanda/ and a blog on Spatial Regression Discontinuities here

o Technology adoption in Bangladesh (http://www.poverty-action.org/study/evaluating-integrated-agriculture-productivity-project-bangladesh)

o Rural savings in Rwanda: http://www.poverty-action.org/study/commitment-savings-accounts-farmers-rwanda