Erhan Artuc is an economist in the Development Research Group, Trade and International Integration Team. Prior to joining the World Bank in 2011, he was a faculty member at Koc University in Istanbul - Turkey, where taught International Trade, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics classes. He received BA degree in 2001 from Bilkent University, Ankara and Ph.D. in 2006 from University of Virginia, both in Economics.

Artuc’s research focuses on international trade policy and its effects on labor markets. He has studied distributional effects of trade liberalization on workers from different age, education and human capital groups, timing of trade policy, occupational and sectoral mobility of workers, unemployment, and changes in skill premium in response to trade shocks and discount window borrowing from central banks. In his research, Artuc develops models that can forecast effects of a new trade policy before its implementation (i.e. counterfactual policy simulations). His research papers have appeared in Journal of International Economics, American Economic Review and other academic or policy journals.