I enjoy a variety of activities, but I have a special passion for science. I have been completing science fair projects every year since I was seven in third grade (I started kindergarten one year early and skipped fifth grade), and with each project I marvel at our incredible world. Although I complete projects for my own educational benefit, I have received special awards, as well as grand champion several times at my school, have moved on to counties and received first place awards every year, as well as winning counties in ninth grade. I have also participated in Envirothon since third grade and Mathcounts in middle school. I am currently a thirteen year old sophomore honors student at Dallastown High School.
    During the summer I further enrich my education by taking college classes at York College and Penn State York and attend rigorous summer camps. In my spare time I play violin and piano, read, do puzzles, and draw. I had the privlege of attending District Orchestra for the past two years and was selected to perform a piano concerto with my high school orchestra this May.
    After completing my undergraduate degree in science and music, I intend on pursuing some type of doctorate degree. Science has always been my passion ever since I was young. I was always inquisitive, and science helped me answer my questions. I will always love hiking and observing the natural world of biology, the engineering involved when bulding legos, the physical laws of our world, and the exciting chemistry experiments. Science has and always will be a continual joy for me.  Completing this science research is a journey; the knowledge and experience gained along the path, the opportunity to collaborate ideas and the potential to improve our quality of life is my ultimate goal.