Decorating The Cake Table

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  • Food provided in a restaurant or household
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  • patty: small flat mass of chopped food
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  • a block of solid substance (such as soap or wax); "a bar of chocolate"
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Woven Cake
Woven Cake
This is an older image but I wanted to upload it because it showcases my cake decorating skills. My sister's birthday was a few months ago and I was tasked with icing the cake. As you can see there's one strand that is marked with my sister's name, Joan(ie) which is a representation of her life. It can be said that my sister does not take a straight path through life and it is my firm belief that she, and all of us, are better off for it. Happy cake Monday!
Wedding cake table with mini cupcakes and accent cake
Wedding cake table with mini cupcakes and accent cake
This table of custom-made wedding sweets was a gift from me to my sister Anitra. It includes nearly 200 individually decorated mini cupcakes, and an accent cake for the cutting ceremony. What about the actual wedding cake? It wasn't real, but it had everyone fooled!