How to decorate a plain mirror. Contemporary wall decoration

How To Decorate A Plain Mirror

how to decorate a plain mirror
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Art Journal Entry 11
Art Journal Entry 11
Title: Look Into The Mirror... (version 1) This is another piece that really needs work. I was trying something new and it didn't work. I'm posting this version of it anyway. I glued aluminium foil down to be a mirror but left that spot open where you'd see your reflection and you'd only see "I HATE YOU" instead. Things I'd change: -The top is too plain. I'd decorate it and make it look pretty but still the cursive cause I think it makes it look nice. -HOLY CRAP THE MIRROR SUCKS! No using aluminium foil. Or at least change how I used it to make it look better. -The "I HATE YOU" needs to not be so plain. More like that "scary" Halloween kind of script. -The "trim" around the mirror needs to change. I don't like it and it was the only thing I could think of at the time. Okay so the only thing I LIKE about this piece is the idea. Need to work on this again.... I'm thinking this might be a good piece to show how I can do one idea over and over and make each version of it different. Sometimes totally different, sometimes just slightly. Should be interesting. Media: Sharpie Aluminium Foil Acrylic Paint
Backmark, Memorial Cabinet Card, Young Girl, Tuppers Plains, Ohio
Backmark,  Memorial Cabinet Card, Young Girl, Tuppers Plains, Ohio
Simple and direct, not flashy, gaudy, or over-the-top. One of the things that's interesting is that the rectangle in the center is meant to read as a mirror. See how the points of the design echo, within the rectangle. The photographer is saying that he mirrors reality, a common trope in the nineteenth century. fUp at the top of the card he's got that gingerbread ornamentation, which you often see as a room divider, say decorating the opening between two rooms. And down at the bottom there is that kind of Moorish fretwork. And the cursive that spells out "M. M. Dawees" (if that's what it spells) is really cool too. It would be nice if Mr. Dawees designed his own backmark. Too bad I can't ask him.

how to decorate a plain mirror
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