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Spring Wedding Decor

spring wedding decor
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spring wedding decor - Umbra Fotofalls
Umbra Fotofalls Metal Desktop Photo Holder
Umbra Fotofalls Metal Desktop Photo Holder
The Fotofalls Photo Organizer by Umbra is great for the home or office with limited space. The desktop fotofalls holds 18 photos (or notes, poems - whatever you wish!) and stands approximately 18" tall. It has a nickel finish and the clips will not damage photos. Talk about innovative! Umbra is the worldwide leader in casual, contemporary and affordable design for the home.

Sure, those vacation, birthday, and school photos can get stuck to the fridge or filed in an album, but why not give them with a fun punch of personality? Umbra's Fotofalls desk photo holder has 18 flexible wires that radiate out from the sturdy stand and end in a festive cascade of tiny, non-damaging clips. Simply attach a photo to each one and the result is a 360-degree display that's easy to enjoy, change, and move around. Crafted of stainless steel with a modern nickel finish, this creative is sure to liven up any space it's in. Easy assembly; 18 inches high. --Kara Karll

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Décors de Ciceri
Décors de Ciceri
Les decors peints, crees par Ciceri a partir de 1832, sont exceptionnels par leur rarete.
"????" One shop in Chinatown selling Chinese New Year decor...

spring wedding decor
spring wedding decor
Hanging Spring Honeybee Garden Ornament Juana Pena
This series of garden ornaments by Juana Pena is completely handmade in the United States.

Perfect for your indoor or outdoor garden, this honeybee is sure to catch the eye. Made out of oxidized and colored copper, with green and blue glass marble eyes. This well-finished piece comes on a hanging spring with hook that measures 14" when hanging with ornament. When displayed outside the feet, attached by heavy copper wires, will swing in the wind.

Honeybee measures 8.5"L x 5"W x 7"H, hand- painted & oxidized copper w/glass marble eyes, colors vary