Hawaiian Cake Decorating Ideas

hawaiian cake decorating ideas
    cake decorating
  • Cake decorating is one of the sugar arts that uses icing or frosting and other edible decorative elements to make otherwise plain cakes more visually interesting. Alternatively, cakes can be molded and sculpted to resemble three-dimensional persons, places and things.
  • The Austronesian language of Hawaii
  • a native or resident of Hawaii
  • A native or inhabitant of Hawaii
  • of or relating to or characteristic of the state or island of Hawaii or to the people or culture or language
  • the Oceanic languages spoken on Hawaii
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  • A concept or mental impression
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Waaay Too Much Information
Waaay Too Much Information
I've been tagged a couple of times but have never taken the time to write down things you may or may not know about me... or Don't Even Want To Know. Well, here goes. Read, enjoy, be entertained or NOT! I'm a five year widowed mom of 4, grandmom of 7, great-grandmom of 2. As you probably already can tell by my photostream, I'm hyper active and my attention bounces all over the place. I'm always trying new things and sometimes I even succeed. I played clarinet in the school band (my parent's idea) from age 12 and hated every minute of it! I taught myself to play piano at 14 but haven't touched the keyboard in years. One of my daughters still has the piano but it unfortunately it leads a lonely life. Beginning at age 6, I took dance lessons (my mom's doing) for 14 years ... ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom and adagio. She said it would teach me grace and poise. So much for that idea! Mom also insisted that I study Latin however when I finally got to visit Rome last year, all the folks were speaking Italian. I was clueless! I became a licensed pilot in 1968 when lessons were only $12.00 dollars an hour. After 6 and 1/2 hours of lessons, I made my first solo flight in a Cessna 150. When I was younger and insane, I enjoyed doing loops, rolls and spins. Now I wouldn't do any of those tricks for a million dollars!!! Maybe for a billion...... I'm also a certified SCUBA diver, having taken lessons way back when we wore those cumbersome shells on our backs. My first dive was to 90 feet as all of my lessons were in open water in the Gulf. I've been covered from head to toe with jelly fish tentacles just to pick up that perfect shell. We have some awesome coral reefs about 7 miles out, plus some sunken planes and ships to dive around. I had intended for my entire career to be in architectural design. The last residence I designed was built on Pensacola Beach at a cost of six figures and after numerous hurricanes, it's still standing! As things would have it, I switched to the smaller scale - high tech world and designed printed wiring boards (printed circuit boards) in Huntsville, AL and then in CA. CAD systems weren't around when I started! I got my first computer in 1979 and am now typing on my 9th one. I taught myself HTML and JAVA and have hundreds of web pages floating about but I haven't kept up with the markup languages. I'm on facebook but generally all I do is occasionally add photos onto it. I don't tweet, twit or twitter or whatever it's called. I've also owned a shoe store, a beach rental concession, burger joint and a fine dining restaurant. My first stint as a bartender was on a New Year's Eve when one of the employees pulled a no show. I caught on pretty quickly but wasn't satisfied to just stand around and mix drinks. I wanted to do tricks at the bar. NO, not that kind!!! Several hours every day for most of a summer, I practiced learning to throw the shaker into the air, then catch and pop it open with one hand. Then I got a bartender partner and we mastered tossing the shaker back and forth to each other behind the bar. Many moons have passed since any alcohol has touched my lips but I can still mix a mean cocktail. I love doing crafty things like stained glass art work (which I never sell), outlandish cake decorating (that I have sold) and sewing. I've only entered one sewing contest but managed to win first place for a white leather dress that I designed. It would have been perfect for Nancy Sinatra!!! I've been immensely interested in genealogy for about 20 years. It was really a hoot to discover that Lady Godiva was one of my ancestor grandmothers! This could be why I'm so pertinacious! Isn't that a cool word? In my head I've always had a list of things I someday want to do. Well, this past August while on the road trip with my granddaughter, she mentioned her Bucket List. Not having any idea what that is, she informed me that it's a list of things to do before you Kick the Bucket. Some top wants on my Bucket List include selling my home and moving to Maui for a year or two, going on an African safari and traveling in Egypt. I've never been car crazy .... that is except when I got my first one while I still had only a learners permit, a 1959 Impala convertible. I thought I was so cool driving round and round the local burger parking lot. And NOW I'm car crazy again! I want to get a SmartCar, a smart fortwo in silver and black, to be exact! If I had one of those cuties, I'd go to town everyday just to parallel park!!! I don't watch a lot of TV. It would suit me just fine if all I could receive is FOX News, Grey's Anatomy and American Idol. You'll probably think my music taste is pretty weird... first choice is Hawaiian, second choice is country. But then, here comes Adam Lambert!!! I've only been on one dinner date since my husband's passing. I'm 64 and my date was way my senior. After that experience, I decided that the dating scene wa
cake decorating
cake decorating
I have a new job that has taken over my life, I'm not enjoying it alot, so baking a cake for a friend was a realy good way of reminding myself how much I enjoy baking for pleasure

hawaiian cake decorating ideas