CEC 2017 Special Session - Advances in Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms based on Decomposition


In the last decade, the framework which has attracted the most attention of researchers in the evolutionary multi-objective optimization community is the decomposition-based framework. Since the proposition of the multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on decomposition (MOEA/D) by Zhang and Li in 2007, several studies have been conducted in the literature to: a) overcome the limitations in the design components of the original MOEA/D, b) improve the performance of MOEA/D, c) present novel decomposition-based MOEAs, and d) adapt decomposition-based MOEAs for different type of problems. However, the decomposition-based framework is still in its infancy as compared to the dominance- and indicator-based framework, and requires considerable attention of researchers for further growth.


This special session will focus on recent advances in the decomposition-based MOEAs under the following lines of research (but not limited to):

  • Design of novel weight vector generation methods

  • Development of new decomposition methods

  • Design of novel computational resource allocation strategies

  • Integration of new reproduction operators

  • Investigation of novel mating selection and replacement procedures

  • Development of novel decomposition-based MOEAs

  • Hybridization of dominance- and decomposition-based approaches

  • Incorporation of user-preferences in decomposition-based MOEAs

  • Extension to many-objective optimization problems

  • Extension to constrained multi- and many-objective optimization problems

Paper Submission

Special session papers are treated the same as regular papers and must be submitted via the CEC 2017 website. When submitting the paper, choose the "Advances in Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms based on Decomposition" special session.


Dr. Anupam Trivedi, Research Fellow, National University of Singapore

Dr. Dipti Srinivasan, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore

Dr. Qingfu Zhang, Professor, City University of Hong Kong

Contact Information


eleatr@nus.edu.sg (Anupam Trivedi)

dipti@nus.edu.sg (Dipti Srinivasan)

qingfu.zhang@cityu.edu.hk (Qingfu Zhang)