The Vision & Mission of the 
Decolonizing Ourselves Support Group

This support group will launch in May 2017 (International PermaCulture Month) as an extra action-learning option that can be taken with the FoodFreedom MiniCourse.    See this thread in our FB group for news, make enquiries, etc.

This Integral Health support group is for people who wish to re-design their lives, homes and surroundings in a radical way, together with others also engaging the big adventure of de-colonizing our bodies, minds & souls.


The mission consists in making available all the most modern & tested science that we can, in a digestible way, to the people who really understand that transformation has to happen simultaneously INSIDE & OUTSIDE, so we connect all the information in an integral way, with references to all the quadrants, into our daily practice.

We understand that it's impossible to design a sustainable society with minds & bodies that have been dumbed down and enslaved by our addictions, and that the most common addictions, and the hardest to face, are the ones that have to do with what we eat every day, & other habits of sleep, what we give our attention to, etc.

Bread & Circus

The phrase 'Bread and Circuses' is attributed 
to the Roman poet
 Juvenal (circa 100 A.D.), 
who said in his book Satire X:

"Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, 
the People have abdicated our duties; 
for the People who once upon a time handed out 
military command, high civil office, legions — everything, 
now restrains itself and anxiously hopes 
for just two things: bread and circuses."

So drugging the population to keep it under control 
has a long and ignoble history, 
and it's not a coincidence that these things 
are consciously related to the control of the population 
(by the ruling class, that we now call the 1%).

The phrase "Bread and Circuses" (panem et circenses
of the ancient Roman references the practice 
of providing citizens with free wheat 
as well as costly spectacles in the circus (like chariot races
 and other forms of entertainment 
as a way of gaining political power through populism

Now we have to buy our own drugs
(available in hundreds of different flavours and shapes, everywhere around us)
but they've been made much stronger, 
even the entertainments, which we can have in our homes now, without the danger of getting together in public spaces 
to consume them, achieving even more alienation.

Now we know that wheat has highly addictive substances 
(and that all plants, especially their seeds, 
defend themselves with all kinds of toxins and anti-nutrients)
and that the start of agriculture 
(a relatively recent phenomenon in human history, 
that has been appearing from just around 10,000 years ago) 
is closely related to the beginning of oppressive societies.

See for a good summary of what's (particularly) wrong with bread.  We don't reccommend the substitutes offered, necessarily (and our experience is that we don't miss bread at all once we're eating a healthy diet) but the 5 points are well researched and explained.

Integral Health, as we teach it
in the Integral Permaculture Academy is a process
of de-colonizing our bodies, minds & souls.

Why "De-Colonizing"?

It's not a coincidence that the foods that are consumed the most from the beginning of this civilization (based on agriculture), & that 'seduce us' (and hook us), are very addictive. 

This makes it very difficult to resist consuming them, even though they harm us physically, mentally, and, especially, spiritually (in how it all joins up) - they consume us.

All drugs make it easier for us to be manipulated by the system.
They make us stay put, act dumb and sap our willpower (so we blame ourselves and others for all kinds of victim patterns); they weaken us so we can't find the strength to take the essential decisive actions we need to change our lives, and our society.

The drugs that we consider 'food' nowadays are a big part of the 'weapons of mass distraction' that tie us to the destructo-culture and ensure that we don't stray from the role (or 'normality') that we've been trained to accept - because, quite literally, (all drugs) make us physically weak, clumsy & mentally confused.

From the earliest childhood, the dominant culture we grow inside of, with its predatory economy, industrial systems
and invasive advertisements, makes us addicted to sugars, stimulants, opiates... (from industrial food-like substances, at the same time that mothers are discouraged -in many different ways- to breastfeed their babies) and fills us with a huge array of toxic substances, many of which are known neuro-toxins (they debilitate our nervous system, creating depression and other 'mental illnesses' that are so common nowadays).

What's different about this course & support group
is that we take this integral, global perspective: the really GOOD news is that what is good for us individually is also good for the environment, good for society and all other species.  

The bad news is that it's hard to change habits of a lifetime, especially our gut chemistry, and almost impossible without support.  Which is why we created the Food Freedom Course and this Integral Health Support Group: you don't have to do it alone.  You can help others who help you in turn.

So this group is not about helping each other get slimmer, sexier
or more successful at fitting within the destructo-culture
(in contrast with most things proposed to help us increase our health) although, ironically, it's quite possible that on the way, with the information & support we provide it will be easier to get even those things.

And it's not (another) way of funnelling more and more
resources towards the most privileged on the planet
so they can be 'happier' and keep living lives
that enslave 80% of the human world population
(and all other species).

This is a resource we're developing to support activists who want to end all oppression 
-of all classes and at all levels- 
providing us with the tools to fight against their
internalized oppression and increase our effectiveness,
thus accelerating the global rEvolution.