Declaration of Independence Broadside Exhibit at CCSS Conference, March 2010, Pasadena

The Declaration of Independence

Rare Broadside Copy:  Exhibit at the CCSS Conference, March 2010, Pasadena, CA

One of the few remaining original broadside copies of the Declaration of Independence authorized by the Continental Congress in 1776 was on display for just one day at the California Council for the Social Studies Conference in Pasadena, California.  The event was made possible by a grant from the Pearson Foundation.  Learn about the Declaration of Independence by visiting the following web sites:


Stephen Klos reveals how the original Declaration of Independence was created at the Continental Congress.   Did you know that the original (and lost) copy of the Declaration of Independence was signed only by the President and Secretary of the Continental Congress?  He explains how the broadside copies of the document were printed dispersed.  Only 25 out of the original 500 printed by John Dunlap broadsides exist today!  View one of the remaining copies printed by William J. Stone under the direction of Secretary of State John Quincy Adams.

Morgan Freeman gives a brief history of the Declaration of Independence and introduces a choral reading by a cast of major Hollywood actors including Mel Gibson, Renee Zellweger, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Douglas…

This scene shows Congress voting and approving the Declaration of Independence.  View a brilliant scene showing the reading of the Declaration of Independence in pubic is shared from John Adams mini-series.

View a re-enactment of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson collaborating to edit the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. A Funny Historical Skit on the Happy Birthdays of the USA
When is the birthday of the United States of America? July 4th, 1776 any first grader would answer. Not so, imagine a secret Hippie beginning that ...


See Thomas Jefferson's original draft of Declaration of Independence showing the deletions and changes made by the Continental Congress.

Charters of Freedom:  Information and images on several important historical American documents including the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. 

Primary Documents in American History—Library of Congress presents the Declaration of Independence. 

The “People’s Document” comes thanks to the Pearson Foundation.

Online Lessons and Activities for teaching about the Declaration of Independence

Edsitement:  Declare the Causes: The Declaration of Independence

Activities, vocabulary and more at offers “The Declaration of Independence:  Would you sign it?” lesson and activities.

Winter 2009 Teaching with Primary Sources Newsletter Learning Activity – Elementary Level

The Declaration of Independence: Differentiated Learning Activity Online lesson and activity with printable documents.

Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government:  Declaration of Independence features a comprehensive history of the Declaration of Independence, and links to the writers’ biographies and a full transcript.

New Jersey State Library presents class and independent study projects.

Pelican Publishing Company offers language arts, math, art and physical education activities to help learn about the Declaration of Independence.

NOVA Saving National Treasures offers an activity in which students explore preserving an historical document.

Teaching American History: Declaration of Independence Classroom 1:  Visit a classroom in which students are examining a primary source document, the Declaration of Independence.

Find out more information about how you can come to the California Council for the Social Studies Conference in Pasadena, March 5-7, 2010 to view this priceless historical icon at

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