DeckSlot 9 - Version 1.0


Input Action
F1 Browse for a .Deck file
F2 Load the last selected deck into Hearthstone (Requires Collection Screen + Deck Slot 9 available)

F5 Very slow execution speed
F6 Slow execution speed
F7 Normal execution speed (Default)
F8 Fast execution speed
(SPACE) Changed to F4 in latest version
Pause/Resume execution (Useful if you need to swap in missing cards)
ESC Cancel execution (If something goes wrong)

Double Click Load selected deck into Hearthstone (Requires Collection Screen + Deck Slot 9 available)
Ctrl+V Paste deck list into DeckSlot9
Drag and Drop Drag .Deck files into Hearthstone to load them

Table of Contents

  1. What is DeckSlot9
  2. Adding a deck to the DeckSlot9 application
  3. Loading deck into Hearthstone
  4. Creating a deck
  5. Removing a deck from the DeckSlot9 application
  6. Downloading a deck
  7. Viewing card list
  8. Uninstalling DeckSlot9


1. What is DeckSlot9

DeckSlot9 is a third party application with no affliation to Blizzard Entertainment which allows the user to import decks created outside of Hearthstone.  The intended use of this application is to assist with players who juggle around with more than 9 decks quickly and easily swap benched decks into Hearthstone.  Please read this document to learn how to properly and safely use this program.

Find more information about Hearthstone here .


2. Importing a new deck into DeckSlot9

Method 1: Select File->Import browse your computer for a .Deck file and press Okay.
Method 2: Find a .Deck file on your computer's file explorer and drag the file over into DeckSlot9.
Method 3: Find a deck list in the following formats:
    1x valid card name
    2 x valid card name
    1 valid card name

The second number indicates the quantity of secondary cards. if you would like to use a secondary card slot (e.g. if you have 1x golden and 1x regular)

    1x 0 valid card name
    2 x 1 valid card name
    1 2 valid card name

Copy the list and press Ctrl V in the main panel or right click and select load deck from clipboard.  Next input a vaid class and name and hit enter in the name field to accept.

3. Loading deck into Hearthstone

  • Open Hearthstone
  • Navigate to My Collection
  • Make sure deck slot 9 is available as shown below.

How you should look!

  •  Make sure any excess windows are minimized just in case something goes wrong with the automation.
           * In the case where something is going wrong you can stop the automation by hitting the Escape key or pause/resume automation by hitting the Space key.
  •  Double click the deck you would like to load or press F2 after selecting a deck and sit back and watch.

Let me know if something does go wrong with your configuration by emailing me at zsrulesz@gmail.com with your in game resolution, speed, and .Deck . If possible include a screenshot of your My Collection screen.


4. Creating a deck

The easiest way to create a deck would be to use the deck builder at http://www.hearthpwn.com/deckbuilder . Save the deck then choose Export to Cockatrice and copy the list to your clipboard.  Right click the main panel inside DeckSlot9 and load deck from clipboard or press Crtl V with DeckSlot9 in focus.  Next input a vaid class and name and press enter in the name field.

If you would like to create a deck the hard way, this is how:

  • Open your favorite text editor and create a new document.
  • Paste in the following code:

<?xml version"1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1 "?>
    <deckName> YOURDECKNAMEHERE </deckName>

YOURDECKNAMEHERE can be any text, just try not to make it extremely long since I am not currently formatting to handle that.
VALIDCLASSNAME should be Warrior | Shaman | Mage ... ect
VALIDCARDNAME should be an exact match of the text of a card found in game.
should be either 1 or 2.

  • Add more of the card block as desired.
  • Save the document and close.
  • Rename the file with the extension .Deck for clarity sake but this step is not required.


5. Removing a deck from the DeckSlot9 application

  1. Select or drag select the decks you wish to delete within DeckSlot9's main panel.
  2. Hit the delete key.
  3. Closing the application will save your settings.

6. Downloading a deck

Not available at this time.  Developers of deck building applications please email me at zsrulesz@gmail.com for integration details.

7. Viewing card list

Hover over a deck to see the cardlist.  Further functionality may be added in the future.

8. Uninstalling DeckSlot9

Please use the standard uninstallation method provided by your OS.  The application should be found under Programs and Features .