How many U.S. public companies acknowledge Climate Change?  

TOO FEW!  Only a minority of U.S. public companies include Climate Change in their annual reports.

For more information, please see the Ceres report:  Cool Response: The SEC & Corporate Climate Change Reporting

Background: In early 2013, we did a massive analysis of the annual reports of U.S. publicly-traded companies to determine: 
  • Is "climate change" mentioned in their annual reports, 
  • Even if they mention "climate change", do they acknowledge possible climate threats,  
  • Which companies only mention possible costs of climate laws, but do not acknowledge actual climate threats.  
The purposes of this effort were: 
  1. To put the news-spotlight on companies vs. climate change, and 
  2. To encourage traditional environmental organizations to place more emphasis on corporation requirements.  
Both of these purposes have been accomplished.  
There have been multiple news articles on these corporate deficiencies.   
Investors and Ceres has increased their pressure on companies and on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.   
So now we re-direct our energies to other aspects of the struggle to slow climate change.