Decision EngineeringSM is a discipline developed by Mark Montanari over his extensive business leadership and consulting career.  This innovative approach has been the basis for implementing transformational changes in several Fortune 100 companies and for two businesses Mr. Montanari personally managed.
Decision EngineeringSM Partners is a company with a mission to enable organizations to transform through addressing several key concepts critical to optimizing the effectiveness of their decision making processes:
  • Visibility - clarity on key decisions and providing appropriate access to data, information and inputs
  • Collaboration - understanding the key interactions that need to occur for each decision
  • Governance - defining and supporting the optimal decision making rights
  • Value-Focused Stewardship - unrelenting focus on defining the value each decision drives, monitoring effectiveness and driving continuous improvement 
From our experience in meeting with and consulting for hundreds of companies, we have confirmed historic efforts to transform through ERP implementations and re-engineering efforts have generally not delivered expected results.  An integrated approach to effective decision making / governance is a high yield area that companies need to address in order to make quantum leaps in their performance.  This fresh lens will open your eyes to a new set of possibilities.

This discipline has four foundational tenets:
1)  Breakthrough performance is dependent on effective decision making. 
2)  Optimization of decision making processes is achievable using the Decision Engineerin
gSM  toolkit. 
3)  Operating discipline should not conflict with innovation -- this is achieved through documentation and deployment of optimal decision making processes.
4)  Sustainable competitive advantage comes though stewarding the processes, leveraging lessons learned and driving continuous improvement.

One of the initial tests that helps determine the potential value a Decision EngineeringSM program can add to your organization is a quick assessment of the awareness you have of certain key dimensions.  Please follow this link to learn more about how we might get started.

Please contact us at: for additional information about us and how we can help you on your journey. 

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